Google to tap into Samsung’s misfortune to project its Pixel phones

What we experience in the technology industry is something like an echo effect where companies make so many promises about an upcoming project they have been working on which blogs that write on technology help to increase in high volumes. For many people, it is not really news when a new phone, smartwatch or table is entering the scene except it is a product from Apple.

So for a tech company to be in the most of the tech news blog it is not usually for the good thing such company has done.

Samsung’s decision to put an end to the production of the Galaxy Note 7 is still not going to solve the problem that has already been created. The company on Tuesday announced that it the “safe” version that they sent out to those that had issues with the original one were also faulty, hence the need to stop the phone.

This could mean that the end has come for Galaxy Note and not just the Note 7. Now when Note 8 comes out who will buy it? The company will continue to make sales with its large screen smartphones when it comes under a different name like Galaxy Boom, Galaxy Blast, Galaxy Fire, but certainly not under the name Galaxy Note.

According to a mobile analyst, Ben Thompson, Samsung will lose a lot of revenue both from the recalling of the phones and forfeit of the expenses made in manufacturing the phone. But this is the least of the problems that Samsung will have to worry about he said, adding that people will not be in a haste to forget that Samsung smartphones were known to have caught fire and was exploding by itself. Users who are yet to place a mark of loyalty on Samsung phone will not be patient enough to learn that there are other Galaxy phones from the company that are not Note versions, and would assume all to be the same meaning that the company will have a big dent on its brand.

The decision by the company to end the production of the Note 7 has seen its share go down by more than 7 percent accounting for a loss of $17 billion on what the company is worth. This is said to only be the short term result with the fear of the long term effect not looking good for the company.

The company has held its place in the smartphones market as the biggest seller all over the world. The year had been looking bright for the company with the success recorded by Galaxy S7 and S7 edge and also the sales figure and review got for the Note 7, which all seems to be going down the drain. We are yet to see if the loyal customers of the company that they spoke of will continue to cling to their products.

In all of this, it seems like Google will benefit the most from this misfortune that has befallen Samsung by nothing but sheer luck. The void created by this event will cause people to reluctantly but unavoidably look to Google’s Pixel phones for want of something new in the Android market.