Indianapolis Colts vs. Tennessee Titans – Week 7 Picks And Predictions

Colts had a huge lead against the Texans in Houston. They blew it and eventually lost the game in overtime. If they had won, they would be tied with Texans for the first place in the division. Now, they are 2-4 and still behind. They will be facing up and coming Titans who are looking to surpass them. Will they?

Marcus Mariota gave a lot to us this year. They are calling more running plays for him, and he is able to return it in a good way. He is a very smart runner, slides when he has to and is almost never touched on those runs. His passing has also been good, and he needs to keep performing the way he is if this squad wants a shot at this very weak division.

DeMarco Murray has also been the biggest story in Tennessee to start the season. He is running the ball just the way Titans wanted when they made a trade for him. In the first six games of this year, he had 114 carries for a total of 526 yards. With an average of 4.6 yards per carry and four TDs.

Andrew Luck keeps being the only bright spot on this Colts team. Their defense is horrid and just needs to step up in order to avoid what happened in Houston. It’s always just hard to pick this Colts team even in games that they should be favored in.

That is why we are going to pick the Titans in this one. DeMarco Murray will run all over this Colts defense and Mariota will make all needed plays. Andrew Luck will keep it close, but won’t be able to prevail it for Indy. Titans should come victorious with 31:24.