Gotham Season 3: News and Updates

Finally, after some time, Gotham is coming back to big screens with its Season 3. Soon we are to see what has been prepared for us in the new installment. Some novelties related to the chaos in the city and alliances will be brought about. Riddler will be getting a new costume, and we’ll be seeing more of a Court of Owls. Along with Ra’s al Ghul, there will be a great number of bad guys. But, on the other hand, Bruce is on his way towards turning into a Batman. Although he will not discover himself completely, his training and preparation will start.

For the fans of Batman, it is no news that our hero is always surrounded by many bad guys and they sometimes work together in order to defeat him. Gotham City Sirens are a big threat to Batman, and Selina Kyle has drawn a lot of attention with her dark intentions. But, is that enough for her to become a member of City Sirens?

Here is what Camren Bicondova at WonderCon stated about these odds:

“I’m not sure, we haven’t really dived into that yet as of right now. I think that eventually, it will happen. Selina has been for the past however many months or years not consciously doing it, she has been kind of depending on Bruce in certain aspects and I think that for the rest of the season she isn’t looking for someone else to fill that spot, she is more realizing that she needs to fill that spot with herself and rely on herself. Wherever that mentality takes her by the end of the season is where we’ll find ourselves.”

But, Selina is not the only one. Apparently, Barbara also has a tendency for being a rogue. So, can she also be the next Siren? Jessica Lucas is absolutely certain of it:

“Oh, I don’t want to spoil anything, but I think that is the plan. I love that they started it out in an unexpected way with Barbara and Tabitha because neither one of those characters are part of the [Gotham City] Sirens in the comic books. But I think there is room for growth, there is room for new members and I think it would be great to have some sort of girl gang going on next season. So I hope so, but I’m not sure yet!”

Stay tuned for more information and updates, as the next installment is approaching!