Gotham Season 4 Release date, News & Updates


For all those who have been in doubt about the next season of Gotham and the future of young Batman, they can rest assured that their favorite show is returning. The question that arises is when we can expect the next season 4? Having in mind that all previous seasons went out at the approximately similar time of the year, in September to be more precise, we can also expect for this sequel to arrive in the fall, 2017. And while we are waiting for the final announcement we can take a look at what we can expect in the next chapter of Batman.

In the last season, we had more chances to see villains who are surrounding and opposing a threat to Batman. The mystery of the Court of Owls came out on the surface along with the Riddler identity. The climb of Oswald Cobblepot was also portrayed, and the most amusing of all, the identity of the Joker was teased.

For all these amazingly brought scenes and twists, the show is more and more stepping away from being seen as the Batman prequel while taking on the appearance of the show on its own, as it is supposed to be. And what’s event better, the whole year of Batman is before us, soon to arrive.


Gotham Season 4 Release Date

Gotham Season 4 will start to air on Thursday nights, and it is first set to arrive on September 28.

Gotham Season 4 Villains

And as for the villains, it seems that we will see the rise of Solomon Grundy along with Ra’s al Ghul, and most likely the long-awaited Harley Quinn. But according to Ben McKenzie, his desire is to see Scarecrow again. He hasn’t shown up since the first season, and many people would like to see his return in the vicious circle as well.