Steve Austin Voices His Thoughts On Women’s MITB Match


The first ever women Money in the Bank match that occurred this past Sunday had a bit of a weird ending. It really doesn’t seem fit for a man to grab the Money in the Bank briefcase in the first ever women’s MITB battle. People were fine with the winner of that match, but most of them were shocked by the way that WWE decided to make Carmella a winner. The heat was there, but Ellsworth grabbing the contract still left a bad taste in people’s mouth.

Everybody knew that Ellsworth would get involved in this match as he made Carmella a perfect winner. He should have been the one to cause the distraction for Carmella to go up there and grab the victory. Carrying the briefcase was also supposed to be his number one job for this girl, which is also a great way to utilize her and to give her something to work with. But, nobody really wanted to see him grab the win. He is a heel, but he doesn’t have that true heel heat. It comes from the fact that people are quite sick of him on TV, and not him as an evil character.


Stone Cold Austin was also not a fan of how this match ended. Here is what he had to say.

“I mean what if they had a Money in the Bank match with the guys and one of the guys had a female valet that during the course of the match she climbs up and then drops the briefcase down to the guy. You would never see that, you’ve never seen that, you’ll never see anything close to that. All of a sudden for this to happen in that match, it really rubbed me the wrong way.”