How Does GPS Tracking Work On Android Phones

Surely you have wondered whether your kids or the people you care about are exactly where they said they would be? GPS tracking of the phone allows you to do just that – to find out the location of the mobile phone of the person you’re looking for. If you’ve ever wondered how GPS tracking works on Android phones – find out in the text in front of you.

What Is GPS Locating And How Does It Function?

Want to know where someone is? Certainly, many of us wanted to find out that – and you do know it is possible. We’re sure you’ve heard of GPS. With GPS, you can locate, for example, vehicles – but also mobile phones. And how does GPS work? Numerous artificial satellites orbiting the Earth are of great help in tracking and locating the movement of objects. A GPS tracker or GPS locator is a spy device for tracking and locating moving objects, locating vehicles –  and protecting property, faces, but also pets. The GPS tracker receives a signal from at least two satellites – and forwards the processed information to all interested parties. What is important to note is the precision of this system. Namely, errors during GPS tracking are at a minimum.

GPS Mobile Phone Tracking

Do you want to know where your child is – or do you suspect that your partner is cheating on you? Tracking your phone via GPS will help you check if those people are really where they claim to be. With the help of GPS for tracking your phone, you will find out exactly that – the exact location of the person you want to track. The history of this global system began during the 1960s, primarily for military purposes. After the unfortunate event when a Korean passenger plane was accidentally shot down in Soviet airspace in 1983 – US President Reagan allowed GPS to be available to everyone. The latest evolution of GPS led Google to launch Google Android Manager in 2013 – which enabled remote device location. Android phones that are made afterward come with Google Android Manager already built-in. Today, locating and locating a mobile device via GPS is possible with the help of Google, spyware for eavesdropping, Google maps, and various applications.

Tracking Applications And Software

Every person has a distinct motive to find out someone’s location. According to Viespy, tracking a mobile device is the best option to seek information about someone’s movement. Sometimes, you can do it online using only the phone number of the device you wish to locate. Multiple services can help you with this online, sharing information with you over email. Here are some good reasons why people want to monitor the location of somebody’s mobile phone. Namely, tracking applications are most often used for the safety of children and to check their location – so you can be sure that everything is alright. On the other hand, the second most common reason for using GPS phone tracking is broken relationships, infidelity, and similar things. And how does it work in practice?

Control Of Children And Teenagers

Phone tracking apps are one of the ways to control and supervise children of all ages –  especially teenagers. It is intended for phones with the Android operating system – and is set up on the device you want to monitor. The installation itself is simple, fast – and does not require any special knowledge. At verified vendors, customers are also provided with step-by-step technical support. Such apps can also be installed at the vendor’s premises – if that is easier for the user. The application for tracking children can be installed in phones that are already in use – but also in completely new devices. It is invisible to a user, there are no traces of installation, it does not take up much space – and it doesn’t interfere with the normal functioning of the device. The phone regularly works – and there is no signal that the application is running.

Partner Tracking Application

This is certainly one of the most frequent terms that users type into a search engine. Whether infidelity is on the rise or something else is at stake – these are questions for some other experts. However, according to previous research, every other person has experienced infidelity in a marriage or relationship. Every third partner doubts the fidelity of the partner – and many are trying to prove their doubt. Partner tracking applications are one of the most commonly used. Although monitoring the behavior, actions, and movements of partners has always existed – today, the difference is that now everyone has access to much more sophisticated ways of such supervision. Today, through phone tracking apps, geolocation by number, or the use of spyware, we can dispel or confirm our suspicions.

The Legality Of Tracking Another Person’s Phone

So, it is clear to us that every android phone can be located with the help of GPS. It doesn’t matter if you use applications, specialized spy software, Google maps, or online phone number search for this purpose. One thing is for sure – it is possible to follow everyone – so someone can also follow you. However, you must keep in mind that when it comes to the legality of such monitoring – you are the only person responsible. So, if you have used an app or software from a certain developer – the responsibility for the results and possible consequences will not be borne by the developer. The responsibility will be on the user of such a program. Also, if you want such evidence to serve you in court, for example, during a divorce case – you may face the situation that such evidence is not accepted if the person you are following did not know or consent to such a thing. Moreover, that is why, in some countries, you could be legally liable for something like that.


Even though most of you heard about GPS, many of you still didn’t know how it works, or what information it can provide to us. We hope we made things clear to you, so if you have the need – you can use some of these GPS solutions to find out what you need. Still, keep in mind that whatever you do to someone – someone can do the same to you too.