Gran Turismo Sport – 4K Trailer, Release Date, News and Updates

Gran Turismo Sport has been one of the best racing games for a while, and now, Sony released a new 4K video trailer as well as some new images. Gran Turismo Sport is more of a preceding of what will come next than a sequel of the popular racing game.

Polyphony Digital wants to add an online multiplayer option in the GT Sport, whereas player vs. player racing will be included. Namely, fully FIA approved race championship at a national and manufacturer level will be added to the game.

Gran Turismo Sport Release Date

The fans were disappointed when they found out that the release of the GT Sport was postponed. It was supposed to go on sale in November this year, but we expect this game to hit the market sometime in 2017. The first ever Gran Turismo went on sale in December 1997, but we believe that the game should come out before December 2017.

4K Trailer, New Images and Graphics

You can watch the new trailer here and see what the game will look like. Moreover, you can also check out the released images which give an insight of the graphics of this title. The players will get to choose a different time of the day when they want to race. Moreover, a realistic racing track appearance will be offered, and we really loved the look of Brands Hatch, but other trucks look stunning as well. Be that as it may, the GT Sport is maybe too similar to some of the previous GT games.

The preview build was played, and there are only minor graphical issues which will be corrected before the final version comes out. The details in the game look amazing, but we could notice that some of the tracks are somehow lifeless, and other racing games have better characters and stories compared to Gran Turismo games. Nevertheless, the graphics are great, and the game is fun to play.

The total of 137 “Super Premium” cars will be included, and what we could see so far it is expected for the details of the cabin and exterior of these cars to look stunning. Some examples of these vehicles are MY GT-R, Golf GTI and R8 LMS. The players will have the opportunity to choose a lot of cars which is a great thing.

Fixed Sound

Gran Turismo has struggled with the sound for a while, but on the new GT Sport, these problems have finally been fixed. For example, the Golf GTI is excellent, and it sounds like the real car, but even better is the GT-R. Under its hood, the GT-R sports twin-turbo V6 engine which sounds amazing in the game – just like the real V6. There is no background music or the tire squeal which are annoying in the previous GT releases.


The gameplay of the Gran Turismo Sport is the same as the ones in the previous installments. Gran Turismo is a simulation, but it is exciting to play this game. The players have the choice of several gameplay modes, such as Arcade and the Story Mode. If you opt for the Arcade, you will just race without a particular goal, except to win. The story mode offers much more – there are basic training and tutorials. If you have already played GT before, you would probably start racing right away, but if you haven’t played it, we suggest you do the tutorials first.

Gran Turismo’s AI has finally been improved and it is far better in this part, but it is not perfect, though. So, what is the next step for Gran Turismo? We hope that Polyphony Digital will support PlayStation VR sometime in the future.

Gran Turismo Sport Online

The FIA fully supports the online mode, and you can either compete as a manufacturer’s champion or at a national level. The players are divided based on age and region, which makes it easier to organize everything. You can also follow your achievements via a companion app on your smartphone.