Microsoft Surface Pro 5 – The Same as MacBook Pro?


When it comes to laptops, the first company that comes to everyone’s mind is definitely Apple, but one’s second choice might become Microsoft. Namely, it’s daily getting better and improving the efficiency and convenience of their computer machines. This company with its main campus in Redmond has been patiently waiting for its five minutes to come and offer us its best of the best.

What Microsoft introduces to us is Surface Pro 5 device with larger memory storage. Not only does it have enhanced storage, but it has more RAM and efficient next-generation Kaby Lake processor, as well. The Pro model makes no difference when compared to Apple units, making it a tough competition.

An Apple product with which Surface gadget can easily be compared is the MacBook Pro, which Apple company proudly boasts of. Namely, this Surface model is capable of running Windows 10, and they have a similar system. What’s more, Pro 5 has a light and small frame, which makes it even more alluring.

According to reports on the Surface unit, it contains a large 512GB memory storage. Apart from that, functional performance and battery life are far better than the previous units. Another improved feature is its Surface Pen as the stylus can be charged wirelessly through a magnetic port.

We can’t but mention the presence of USB Type-C docks and Thunderbolt 3 accommodation. Furthermore, the 2-in-1 Surface Pro 5 laptop has an improved display surface, that is to say, a fingerprint sensor underneath the screen.
There is also anticipation that the Pro 5 will have an upgraded PixelSense system. And its improvements don’t end here. It is highly possible for this laptop to have a 4K resolution.

While the latest gadget follows the traditional look of Microsoft computers, it has a few changes that refresh its outlook. Its other enhancements include 16-hour battery life and re-engineered cooling system, as well as the entry of the Nvidia GeForce GTX 965M GPU, which strengthened the graphics efficiency of the computer. All in all, this Microsoft’s unit focuses on enormous power and great performance.