Great news Youtubers!! Google is removing Youtube 30 second unskippable ads!

After so much frustration and requesting for changes Google has finally responded to YouTuber’s pleads and is going to make huge changes starting 2018. The search giant is planning to remove those pesky 30 sec ads that can not be skipped even using TrueView, which will most definitely not please the advertisers but thanks to the sudden rise of interest for video services Google has to keep their users engaged.

Whether you know it or not, Google depends, a lot, on the revenues provided by third-party advertisers, and that is why they allowed varying lengths for YouTube ads to be featured. Around two years ago Google announced that they would support 360 degrees ads to entice more advertisers, and that is why the stop of a 30 sec ads comes as a surprise to everybody (but YouTubers). Nevertheless, this is happening, meaning those ads are history starting 2018, and after that search giant will start tinkering with other formats that will better please both users and advertisers. Nobody really knows why Google made this decision exactly (and it is still not disclosed), but it has been speculated for some time.

There are few more possibilities why all this is happening, and one of those is the fact that advertisers may have complained that users are skipping videos with longer YouTube ads, which actually ends up costing advertisers even more. This may be simply because God knows how many users have expressed their frustrations of having to watch something that does not actually interest you, in order to watch that video that actually does interest you.

Another reason may be the fact that Google is starting to panic over the Facebook plans which include more videos as part of its core roadmap, as it was said by Andrew Peake, managing director of an integrated creative agency, the VCCP. According to him, Google removing those 30 sec ads is just the price they will pay to coax people to stay and continue posting and watching videos. Besides, it is a well know fact that Google has been pressed hard to monetize the platform more aggressively.

As for YouTube, according to its CEO Susan Wojcicki who revealed, last October, that the site is far from lucrative and it is still in a sort of “investment mode.” Advertisers still can make use of other formats like the 15 and 20 seconds YouTube ads, while the YouTubers may also see more of the 6 seconds unskippable ads (as a sort of balancing option) that were rolled out for mobile less than a year ago, at least according to BGR.