What Was So Great About The Undertaker?

There aren’t many professional athletes that can say that they had a longer career than the Undertaker had. This man made his debut at the 1990 Survivor Series and has been in the game all the way up to Wrestlemania 33. Many people believe that he has retired now. While that might be true about his in-ring career, there is also no doubt that The Undertaker will return in some shape or form. He might not wrestle again, but he will show up on Raw or Smackdown eventually.

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There are so many things that were great about him. When he walked down the ramp early on in his career, you had this guy that had the gimmick nobody else ever had. He was always something unique in the world of wrestling. Nobody ever saw anything like The Phenom. Scary, mean and dominant are the words that we can associate with The Undertaker.

When it comes to a man that played this character, he is a beast of an athlete. Mark Callaway could move very well in the ring considering the fact that he is over 6’8” tall. When you combine that size, with that kind of speed with the character that he had, there is no doubt that you are going to get something special.

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The entrance of the Undertaker is easily the greatest of all time. It is so intimidating that it was able to make the Undertaker a major star pretty quickly. It is without a doubt the greatest entrance of all time.

On top of all this, we need to add the fact that this man was always a true leader in the locker room and somebody that has always been in the WWE through thick and thin. With all this mentioned, you can see why he is one of the greatest of all time, one of the fan favorites.