Will Edge Be Back For One More Match?

The art of being a true heel that gets a real heat from the crowd is something that is hard to master. There is a big difference between a good heel heat and heat that villains get because people don’t want to see them wrestle at all. Edge was one of those people that were able to achieve a good kind of heel heat and sustain it for a longer period of time. He got his nicknames for a reason, you know?

Being called an Ultimate Opportunist tells you what kind of character he played when he was in his prime. Taking advantage of the situation that favors him is something that heels usually do. Bad guys are there to cheap shot you, to be dirty and to play outside of the rule book or to find loopholes in it. That is what Edge has always done. Rated-R Superstar is also something that we are connecting to Edge’s character as he was really uncensored.

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As he started to become one of the legends on the roster, Edge turned babyface and was loved by many fans. Even today, six years after he has called it a career, he is still appreciated by the WWE Universe. Recently, he was asked about whether or not he is going to return for one more match and here is what he had to say.

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“I just want to make this as clear as possible. I appreciate that people always ask me, ‘oh, you’re going to come back for one more match, right?’ It’s a huge compliment that you want me to come back for one more match; however, it can never, ever happen. The WWE has medically disqualified me from ever wrestling again, so for those listening, that’s the way it is, but I appreciate you wanting more.”