Are The Green Bay Packers Done?

Everybody expected that the Green Bay Packers are going to bounce back from last season as they weren’t as good as they were in the past. Jordy Nelson wasn’t able to play last year, but he is healthy now. And yet, the Green Bay Packers are somehow worst than they were. Last season they made it to the playoffs and even won a playoff game on the road in Washingon. The way they are looking now, they aren’t going to enter the postseason.

Aaron Rodgers has had an up and down year, and we are being kind to him with this statement. He didn’t look like a man that everybody knows, one of the most talented quarterbacks to ever step onto the NFL field. Their defense is bad, but it’s the offense that they are known for. It’s safe to say that their O-line struggles are the reason for their poor 4-4 start.

At this stage of the season, they should be far behind their rivals. Yet, they are only a game behind the Vikes and will play them one more time at Lambeau Field giving them a chance to tie the score. But the record is not their problem, they can still emerge and catch the Vikings even though Lions will have a lot to say about how this division unfolds.


The biggest problem for them is that they lost their identity. Packers lost what made them great. Aaron Rodgers is not playing his best football, and the rest of the squad can’t pick it up. Colts have an atrocious defense and were still able to outscore them on their home field. That is just unacceptable for this Packers team, and it’s why they are pretty much done.