How to Use a Grow Tent Outside

Do you often dream about turning your backyard into a botanical wonder of cannabis? Feeling held back by dreadful “what if” factors such as heavy rain, fluctuating temperatures, or a likely pest attack?

Your fears are entirely justifiable, but you needn’t live with that fear anymore. It’s time to revive the “crazy plant lady” inside you.

Make your dream of turning your backyard into a healthy cannabis field come true with this guide to an outdoor grow tent. This article highlights the importance of using it outdoors to shield your plants from changing weather conditions.

So, let us first get into an in-depth discussion of what a grow tent is and how to make the best use out of it.

What is an Outdoor Grow Tent?

It acts much like a greenhouse. It provides shelter to the plants and is the best way to grow weed in a regulated and protected environment.

Designed initially to render optimal growing conditions for indoor gardening, these tents are ideal for use outside as well. Outdoor ones are enormous, plant growing tents with durable, reflective walls that are both waterproof and light proof.

With these tents, it is possible to grow all sorts of plants, no matter the time of the year. Most of them are intended for use inside the four walls of a room or a closet. Hence, they are not suitable for use outside as they are unable to withstand harsh conditions.

To experience the joy of outdoor gardening in an open environment, we recommend getting yourself started with a 5×10 grow tent. In our opinion, this grow tent happens to be the best one for outdoor growing. Go to to find the best 5×10 grow tent available online.

Why Use Grow Tents Outside?

They are ideally designed to give hobbyist gardeners the perfect plant growing conditions and absolute control over their environment.

Usually, people use grow tents for indoor gardening where they can control the weather and pest attacks inside. However, what must one do when space is a concern indoors?

Well, if you do not have the room to fit a large grow tent inside, then it is entirely feasible to take your setup outside. Integrating a 5×10 grow tent in your cannabis growing technique is sure to give you the best possible yield.

However, some people might argue that grow tents are meant for indoor use, and using them outdoors simply doesn’t make sense. However, they are not entirely right, and here’s why.

Growing plants, especially cannabis, outside can be dangerous as the plants are always at the mercy of harsh weather conditions. The soil outside might not be fertile enough, as the land might be devoid of nutrients required for cultivation.

The area outside might not be getting direct exposure to sunlight, in which case the cannabis won’t grow well. A grow tent makes things simple for gardeners by eradicating the very problems faced during outdoor gardening.

With a grow tent, one no longer has to worry about the lack of sunlight or an untimely rain. Even if outdoors, your plants are under the care of a well-maintained and regulated tent, as if inside.

So, why take the risk of planting your cannabis in poor soil where they are likely to be attacked by insects? A grow tent guarantees the highest possible yield of your cannabis while retaining the fun of outdoor gardening. A total win-win situation, isn’t it?

Which Features Account for a Good Grow Tent?

A 5×10 grow tent is large enough to give you the spacious environment that you desire when growing outdoors. If you need to relocate your tent, you don’t have to worry about facing any difficulties with carrying it as it has a pretty lightweight structure.

You can incorporate a system of lights, fans, humidity controllers, and temperature sensors to produce a high yield of cannabis. Imagine the amount of money you’d be saving and the level of exuberance you’d experience by growing weed your own way.

Below are some features that you need to take into consideration when buying a grow tent for cannabis cultivation.


Cannabis plants require periods of light and dark to grow healthy. Cannabis plants depend upon the well-defined dark and light hours to carry out respiration and photosynthesis.

Should the light seep in the tent during their dark hours, cannabis becomes susceptible to stunted growth. To prevent that, your grow tent needs to be lightproof.


In addition to light, cannabis needs consistent watering and nourishment, but in the right amounts to grow well. Your grow tent needs to be waterproof because that ensures that water run-offs, spills, or heavy rain do not damage the crop yield.


A poor airflow traps heat, creating humid conditions that give birth to bacteria and attract pests. These germs affect cannabis’s growth and expose them to different problematic scenarios.

Thus, you need to properly ventilate your grow tent if you want to obtain a high yield. It is necessary to create airflow within your tent to prevent heat and humidity trapped inside.


When it comes to cultivating plants indoors, the importance of size cannot be overstated, particularly when choosing a tent like the 4×4 grow tent. The dimensions of your tent are a critical factor that hinges on various considerations. Firstly, your budget plays a pivotal role; opting for a larger tent like this grow tent might necessitate a more substantial investment. Additionally, the available space in your home must harmonize with the chosen tent’s dimensions, ensuring a seamless integration. Striking a balance between your available space and the tent’s dimensions ensures an optimal fit for successful growth. Equally crucial is the number of plants destined for growth within the tent’s confines; the 4×4 grow tent offers ample room for their development. In essence, the tent’s size becomes a dynamic decision sculpted by the interplay of budget, space, and the botanical aspirations you harbor.

The ideal size for growing cannabis outdoors or indoors is a 5×10 grow tent. The 5×10 grow tent is capacious enough to facilitate a large number of cannabis plants. And, it is also relatively inexpensive and is a perfect investment that pays a generous return.

The Final Step – Setting Up Your Grow Tent

Setting up your grow tent is utterly simple. There are just a few necessary materials that you need to get yourself started.

Step 1: Choose a Suitable Growing Spot

The first thing you should do is choose a space to set your tent up in. Make sure the area you select is in a quiet, sunny place with a lot of space available.

Step 2: Open Up Your Tent

After choosing the space, you have to mount up your tent manually over the aluminum bars that come with it. The bars come marked for your ease. And the instruction booklet will help you with the setup.

Step 3: Grow Lights, Fans, and Carbon Filters

After setting your tent up, you need to integrate it with necessary equipment such as grow lights, extractor fans, and carbon filters.

Grow lights are necessary to make up for the absence of sunlight. Place them in the right places, making sure each plant gets maximum light energy for photosynthesis. This can be a complicated process, so you might need some expert help.

Grow Fans are a requirement as they keep the atmosphere light and airy by continuing the airflow inside. This makes sure that the plants stay fresh and healthy.

The last optional step is to incorporate a carbon filter into your tent to keep away the weed odor. Carbon filters help to keep your tent free from any unpleasant smells. You can choose to skip this part or do it later once your cannabis plants start flowering.


It is ideal to set up your own grow tent outside when space is limited inside or the natural factors outdoors don’t support agriculture. With the right equipment and use of proper growing techniques, you can cultivate your own tiny little weed farm!

Have fun growing your weed!