Hai to Gensou no Grimgar Season 2 Spoilers


The Hai to Gensou no Grimgar anime adaptation (“Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash” in English) has become so popular that many fans all around the world eventually started reading the manga adaptation of this light novel in anticipation of the next season. Unfortunately, the recently published novel volumes and manga issues are only available in Japanese for the time being, but they are expected to come out in English as well sometime this year.

As for the anime Season 2, we still don’t know anything about the official release date. Once they announce this information, we assume Funimation would be the first one to break the news, as this site had the international license for Season 1, as well. In spite of the fact that the series was highly popular on CrunchyRoll last year, we still didn’t get to know the Season 2 air date, but it is likely that we will get that info at some point this year.

In case you are interested in finding the printed version of Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash, Volume 1 will be available in a couple of months (it will be published on June 20, 2017), and then Volume 2 will follow soon afterward.

When it comes to the storyline of the anime Season 2, here’s what you might expect to see. Well, at least here’s what our guesses are based on various speculations. Before we say anything, let us just remind you that Season 1 covers only two out of eleven novel volumes, so we can only imagine how exciting the upcoming sequel will be.

As you probably remember, in the previous season, we saw Yume, Moguzo, Mary, Ranta, Shihoru, Haruhiro and other characters in a fight. And, yes, there were some exciting segments, especially when Haruhiro managed to win his battle against the giant kobold. However, fight scenes in Season 2 will be depicted at an even higher level, and we’re sure you’ll find them more interesting and exciting. While Haruhiro’s fight against a kobold was not easy at all, but the kobolds will no longer be such huge problem for the warriors in new episodes.


Furthermore, Wild Angels and Team Ranji join forces with Team Haruhiro, which is why they are sent to attack Dead Head, an Orc fortress. In their battle against the Orcs, one member of Haruhiro’s team dies. And he is not the only one. The new season also brings the death of a character named Choko, which will be particularly important because this tragic event evokes Haruhiro’s memories from his past life on Earth.

Finally, you shouldn’t worry about the characters’ development, for that remains to be the main aspect the creators pay attention to. We will see how the team members cope with the feeling of guilt after their comrade’s death. Furthermore, this season will show us how various events affect their relationships, including bonding with some new characters (Kuzaku).

All things considered, Hai to Gensou no Grimgar Season 2 sounds rather promising, don’t you think? Follow us for more details and news about your favorite anime series.