Hair Goddess – Should We Expect Season 2?

Now that the first season of TLC’s reality show Hair Goddess has come to an end, fans are getting impatient to hear something about a new batch of episodes. Season 1 comprised only six episodes, but such a small number was not surprising, as it is quite common to release just a couple of episodes first, just to see whether people like the show or not. So when it comes to Hair Goddess Season 1, it was more or less well-received by the audience, which makes us think there is no reason to cancel the show, at least not for now.

In case you haven’t watched the show yet, here’s what it is about: it revolves around Christina Olivia and her new beauty salon in Manhattan. Christina believes that her method of applying hair extensions is going to transform the beauty industry, and she’s doing the best she can to prove that. As for the Season 1 ratings, according to Showbuzz Daily, they are not that great but are still satisfactory.


When it comes to Season 2, unfortunately, there have been no official announcements, so we are still waiting for TLC to confirm the renewal first, and then tell us when we could expect new episodes to be released. What’s important is that Christina is more than eager to continue working on the show, but even she doesn’t know anything about the new season. When one fan shared a post on Twitter which said: “can’t believe season finale HairGoddess already. Hope you’ll be back for season 2,” Christina only replied: “Me too! Keep you posted love and thank you for watching!”
That’s all we know so far. Stay tuned and we’ll let you know as soon as we find out whether or not you should expect Hair Goddess Season 2.