Eva Marie Officially Leaves WWE

Source: heavy.com

One of the longest tenured women’s on the WWE roster has officially left the company yesterday. She hasn’t been competing in the ring or being on the WWE television since she broke the wellness policy last August. She was a member of the Smackdown Live roster where she did have some kind of storyline going on with Becky Lynch, but that was dropped really quickly after she got suspended for one month.

Eva was still a member of the Total Divas cast, but she is not going to appear on the next season of the show as she is no longer with the WWE. Even though she was really popular, it was not because she was good in the ring. Many fans were always hard on her for being one of the worst performers in the ring, but that is not why the WWE hired her in the first place.

Source: squaredcirclesirens.com

You can’t deny that she is an attractive woman, which is why WWE thought that it would be good to have her on the roster. With the look that she had, Eva Marie could have been easily marketed and presented to the audience, which is what the company loved about her and why they have her a shot.

“Today is a bittersweet day as WWE and I have agreed to part ways”, wrote Eva on her Instagram page. “It has been an incredible 4 years, and I am truly grateful to Vince, Paul, Stephanie and the entire WWE team.  I would not be where I am today without their continued support.”

The fans will remember her as somebody who really didn’t belong on the main roster or even wrestling business as she wasn’t skilled enough to compete with the other women. The era of the women’s wrestling where the looks and attractiveness are the most important things is long gone now and that is just not what the fans are looking for nowadays. That is why Eva really didn’t fit into modern day wrestling.