Han Solo Is Not Kylo Ren’s Father? What About Rey’s Parents?


It is a good question if the Star Wars Episode 8 will unveil the truth about Kylo Ren and who is his father. We could hear that the next movie will bring one huge surprise to fans of the franchise and we could catch many speculations and theories about who Rey’s parents might be.

Well, it seems that Jedi masters are sitting in both Lucasfilm and Disney when it comes to plans and plots for the movies in the series as they are quite great at mind games. It is possible that the biggest surprise has been hidden in plain sight and that it is related to origins of Kylo.

The trailer showed Snoke talking to someone at both beginning and the end of the video, and it is only logical to assume that it was Kylo Ren in those scenes, but, there are theories that it was Rey with him. Another scene that could be pointing in that direction is the one where we can see Luke talking about something terrifying, and it is plotted in that manner so we can come to the conclusion that he is trying to warn Rey. It would be quite crazy and completely different situation if he was then speaking to Ren.


We can hear Luke saying: “I’ve seen this raw strength only once before. It didn’t scare me enough then. It does now.” It is possible that he is speaking about Darth Vader and if that is the case, he might be talking to Kylo Ren. This is quite possible as we can see the trailer showing Jedi school in flames.

One of many theories, but this can be characterized as a believable option, suggest that Kylo, similar to Anakin has no father and that it was a Force birth. This explains two things, incredible Force he possesses and the reason why Leia and Han Solo split.

Things like this allow Disney to go in pretty much any direction with the story. They could redeem Kylo, that is something we expect to see, as he didn’t really kill his father. On the other hand, not many fans will be able to keep their mouths closed with a jaw-dropping story and twists are set.


Here is what one of the theories suggested: “Luke trained Kylo since he was a little boy and they have been on so many adventures throughout the galaxy, collecting all different artefacts of the Jedi. It was Luke’s ignorance in not respecting Kylo’s immense power which has left him where he is today, with a Jedi temple burned to the ground and the possible death his students.”

What do you think about all these theories?