The Hangover 4: Will the franchise have its fourth installment?

The Hangover has become a widely known film thanks to its amazing actors that have been amusing the audience for years and have brought the storyline to life. The franchise has had three movies so far, and the fans are craving for more. It is not only the storyline that is so captivating, but the way in which the actors vivify their characters in such a humorous manner is absolutely brilliant.

The first plan was to end the franchise with Hangover 3, to the dismay of many fans. However, the news about its fourth installment has started to circulate lately after a movie poster for The Hangover 4 appeared. So, now we eagerly expect the real news about the possible sequel and its cast crew bringing joy again.

The poster has the fantastic four Phil, Mr. Chow, Stu and Alan on it, along with “wolf pack never dies” as a tag for its possible fourth iteration.

The fans have become beyond happy upon hearing the news and rumors, and if we are to judge only by the poster, it has been made so realistic that leads everyone into believing they’re true.

Having these four on one screen, it only promises good fun. Even when they get into problems, they tend to resolve them in the most humorous way possible. But what troubles the fans now is that some believe these rumors along with the poster are nothing more than a deception. Apparently, Bradley Cooper (Phil) has already confirmed that Hangover 3 will be the last part of the franchise and that no plans for further projects will be made. He is currently preoccupied with the second installment of another great movie Limitless.

Zach Galifianakis (Alan) also seems to be busy with his projects which we are going to see in the course of this year. So there definitely is a reason for suspicion, stay tuned for more.