What Happened to Drake on The Curse of Oak Island?


The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 started this Tuesday with Marty and Rick Lagina trying to find the treasure hidden somewhere on the island. However, the start of the new season has been rough as the tragedy took place earlier in the year. Namely, Drake Tester, who appeared in several episodes in one of the previous seasons passed away in March 2017. He was only 16, so how did he die?


According to the reports, Drake Tester, who came from Grand Rapids, Michigan died due to a seizure disorder he had since his birth. He would experience attacks once in every couple of years, and the last seizure turned out to be fatal for this kid. Drake will be missed by his sister Madeline Begley, brother Jack Begley and parents Craig and Becky.

He mother said: “He wasn’t one to criticize. He was so accepting. He would constantly reach out to those in need and never judged. He just wanted you to be happy.”


Oak Island Tours Inc. posted the message after they found out that Drake died: “It is with extreme sadness Oak Island Tours Inc. confirm the passing of Drake Maxwell Tester, younger son of Craig Tester, best friend, and brother of Jack Begley. Known for his wonderful smile, infectious laugh, and warm hugs, Drake will be missed by many family and friends. The Tester family appreciates everyone’s condolences and ask for privacy during this difficult period.”

Meanwhile, Kevin Burns, who is the creator and executive producer of The Curse of Oak Island wrote on Facebook: “Drake was cherished. His enthusiasm was infectious. His potential was limitless. Unfortunately for us, his time was far too short—but his legacy will be lasting. He has joined a select number of Angels whom will live forever as part of the Oak Island story. God bless you, Drake. We will never forget you.”

Drake Tester had a deep passion, and he appeared in two episodes on Season 3 of the show, trying to uncover information about the Money Pit with his father who is a regular on Curse of Oak Island and the Lagina brothers. He spent six weeks on the island, and he wanted to return once again. But he never will.

Rest in peace, Drake.