The Greatest Mobster’s Grandson is Beast in Octagon! This is How John Gotti III Fights!

John Gotti is one of the most notorious mob bosses, but his grandson decided to lead a different life, so he became an MMA fighter and had a dream-like start this weekend. John Gotti III is just 24, and he booked his first victory in the octagon, showing impressive skills for a newbie on what would have been his grandad’s 77th birthday.

John Gotti III fought welterweight Johnny Adams at CES MMA 46 on Friday in Lincoln, R.I. and he managed to get a victory in less than a round as he knocked his opponent out. John Gotti stated that he became interested in MMA thanks to his father, John Gotti Jr. who was released from prison after the indictment on racketeering and murder conspiracy failed to hold. That motivated young John Gotti to get in the ring.

“When my father first came home from prison, [MMA] was a means for us to bond,” said Gotti III. “We would watch all the big fights together at home, as well as attending several cards in New Jersey. I think now, as I’ve chosen this as a profession, although my father is proud of me, I think he regrets fostering my interest. I don’t think he ever thought this would be the end result. What father wants to watch his son in this type of environment?”

Gotti III’s promoter Jimmy Burchfield would have an easy job to promote the fighter as the Gotti name is popular everywhere, but the family “wanted no special attention,” so he abided by their wishes.

“This kid is real. I believe you are looking at something very special here,” Burchfield told The Post. “He’s built like Superman. You can see the agility and speed that he has. He’s equally talented standing up as on the mat. He’s got a very low-key personality. He’s surely not any kind of a wise guy.”