What Happens If Elliot Gets Suspended?

Source: nypost.com

It is not a secret that the Dallas Cowboys will try to run the ball on their opponents like they usually do and then hope that their running game opens up everything else, including some safe and nice plays for Dak Prescott that will have few quite nice targets to play with. Ezekiel Elliot should be the main man taking that ball out of the backfield and torturing opposing defenses thanks to his speed and amazing blocking from his offensive line. But, he is facing suspension right now. What happens if he misses a couple of games?

Well, if he misses only one or two games, that is not going to be a big deal for the Dallas Cowboys. On the other hand, anything more than that can change Dallas’ season. Four games could be a huge problem, and the Dallas Cowboys would have to make some adjustments in order to survive their star running back being out.


One of their running backs is going to get cut. People were talking about Alfred Morris being on the bubble and not making the final roster if he is not willing to play some special teams. Now that changes as he is that veteran RB that can still get it done if put in the position to succeed. Darren McFadden is actually not better than him, but he is much cheaper which made Morris’ spot insecure.

Morris could very well start in place of Elliot if he is unable to go for the first couple of matches and that might force Cowboys to cut somebody that they didn’t plan too.