Who Is NFL’s Best Back?

Source: usatoday.com

It seems that running back position in the NFL has been somewhat devalued over the past couple of years as the teams are reluctant to show the money to the best RBs in the NFL. It became more popular to draft one for the future on a cheap rookie deal then go out in free agency to find one that fits their needs. Today, we are going to talk about three running backs at the top of the food chain, and you will decide which one of them is the best. Here are the arguments for everybody.

LE’VEON BELL, PITTSBURGH STEELERS – What makes him so special is that patience that he displays in every single game. He is a back that spends the most time behind the line of scrimmage, waiting for a hole and then hits it hard and fast. Bell is also great when it comes to juking his defender as this man is one of the most elusive players in the NFL. Catching balls is also something that he does very well.


EZEKIEL ELLIOT, DALLAS COWBOYS – He was the leading rusher last year in the NFL for a reason. Quite a different back than Bell as he is that north-south runner that hits the holes fast and hard. If he got past your defensive line, it is really tough to catch him. Elliot is also lining up as a wideout sometimes which also helps Dallas a lot.


DAVID JOHNSON, ARIZONA CARDINALS – David Johnson does a little bit of both passing and catching the ball. He is the best weapon that Cardinals have, and they are using him in many different ways and on many occasions. Always present on the field, plays in every game and stays out of trouble. Something that other two can’t say that they have on their resume.