Hardy Boys vs. Cesaro And Sheamus – Payback PPV Picks And Predictions

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For the first time in over a decade, the Hardy Boys will be defending their WWE tag team championships at the pay per view. Team Extreme has given a big boost to the Raw tag team division, and they are at the top of the food chain yet again. Now, they will have to survive Cesaro and Sheamus on Sunday. Can they do it?

This feud has been pretty weak in terms of the heat between the teams. We can say that the story could be done far better and that the producers could do a better job, but that doesn’t mean that the programming in which these teams were involved was boring. Something about the lack of sparks makes this feud interesting.

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Cesaro and Sheamus are acting reserved and treating the Hardys with respect. Even though they are a good babyface team, something tells us that there is a chance for WWE to turn them heel. Revival is out until the summer, and the division is now lacking heel teams. They have been acting a bit strange, and that might be because they are about to go rogue.

Hardys have just won the title at the grandest stage of them all, and we just can’t see them losing the belts this quickly. They are going to have a solid reign and will beat the team of Cesaro and Sheamus on Sunday. But, we are going to make a bold prediction and say that after they lose this match, Cesaro and Sheamus are going to turn heel on the Team Extreme and assault them after the pinfall that Sheamus will take.