Jerry Jones, owner of Cowboys, now more powerful than ever with team and NFL!


February was the month in which Jerry Jones was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame which is basically the ultimate acknowledgment for a job well done. The Hall of Fame is practically the victory lap for a “race” that started with Jones’s arrival in the NFL in 1989 as a complete outsider and a rebellious person who manage to become one of the league’s most important and powerful decision makers.

Besides all this, Jones was also honored for bringing Cowboys to their old Super Bowl glory which he did by winning three titles in the 1990s and by making this America’s Team the league’s most popular as well as most valuable franchise once again. But something happened recently that somehow changed the game. While everybody was putting Jones to his pastures, this old but not tired man managed to get a second wind and regained his old fire which makes him even stronger and more powerful than ever with the Cowboys and the NFL.

Jones stated “I have just got a lot more to offer today than I did 25 years ago. I’m not bragging. I am just saying it’s from sheer input. And I’m thankful I have got the health and thankful that I’ve got the enthusiasm. I should be better. Not only should I be better in the draft room, but I should be better in almost any aspect.”


This is probably a “bad” news for all of those who were thinking that Cowboys will now, when the elder Jones is out of the way, start making good decisions for the upcoming 2017 NFL Draft, which begins Thursday and runs through Saturday. Well, think again, because Jones will be at the center of the “War Room” once again, doing what he does best. This, of course, means there will be no decisions made without him approving it. The latest decision regarding Tony Romo’s future was put and came directly from Jones’s hands, which is just one of the proofs that this is not a man whose control has been taken away. Jones also stated that “Along the way Stephen Jones and vice president Charlotte (Jones Anderson), they have gotten better,” and he added that “They have always influenced my decisions so I can be more effective.”

These are just some of the facts that support the claim that this guy is the league’s most powerful owner. Others are Jones’s help with the push through the Rams move from St. Louis to Los Angeles and the Raiders’ future move from Oakland to Las Vegas. All these moves made their owners millions, and you can bet your life they are very appreciative. This just proves why he is considered to be the league’s de facto commissioner that actually has more sway than NFL’s actual Commissioner Roger Goodell.


Jerry continued his statement by saying “Rather than getting tired or growing weary, it has created a high a day. So the fact that the league has become as substantive as it is and has become as popular and the fact all of that happened has just inspired me to just, without getting tired, be a part of coming with ways to help and get involved. It became apparent to me so quick that what was good for Oakland could be good for the Dallas Cowboys. Or what was good for the Rams could be good for the Cowboys. Or what was good for Carolina could be good for the Cowboys.”

This just proves what Jones is, still, capable of doing and that he does it with such ease. How come? Well firstly he hangs with young people, he draws inspiration from them, and maybe most importantly – he doesn’t look in mirrors. He confirmed this by saying “One of the things I don’t do is I don’t look in mirrors because I think I look like you do,” and added “I think I can do the same thing you can do out there … What is amazing to me, I have never felt like I have worked a day in the last 28, 29 years. I’m not patronizing you guys, but I’m having fun right now.” Amazing Mr. Jerry Jones ladies and gentleman! My hat down to you dear sir, and may the luck be on your side!