Hatchbacks Vs Sedans: Which is Best for You



When buying a used car, a common question is whether you should buy a hatchback or sedan. You should start first by getting a car history reports from REV Check to get important information on the car. You can get the car history report by providing them the VIN number or registration number and paying a nominal fee.

The type of car you buy is completely based on your daily usage and commute requirements. You can consider the following factors before deciding which car type is the best for you:

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Interior Space


If you have a larger family and want a more spacious car, then you should look to buy a sedan. They have larger wheelbase and provide you a separate cargo, which makes them more spacious than hatchbacks. Not only do you get more space in them, you also get greater leg space and headspace, which makes your ride comfortable. If space for the backseat passengers is an important consideration for you, then you should look to buy a sedan.

Cargo Space


Hatchbacks provide you a larger cargo space. Their body is designed to carry larger pieces of cargo and makes loading and unloading much easier. The cargo space of these cars is open while it is enclosed in a sedan. You can also roll the backseat to create more cargo space. They have large hatch doors which allows you to store tall and bulky objects in the cargo space which are very difficult to store in the cargo space of a sedan. If you have to carry large cargo on your daily commute, then these cars are the smarter choice for you.

Key Dimensions

You should consider the key dimensions of cars before deciding which one suits you the best. Hatchbacks have smaller wheelbase which means that they are shorter in length than sedans. Their shorter length can come in handy if you have a small garage in your home or will have to park regularly in cramped spaces. They also provide you better rear visibility than sedans. Sedans are generally heavier than hatchbacks which can make them less fuel-efficient.



Your budget is also a defining factor for the type of car which you will buy. Sedans are costlier than hatchbacks and you will need to have a bigger budget to buy them. They are also less fuel-efficient than hatchbacks which means you will have to meet higher running costs for owning them.

Resale Value

If you plan to sell your car after few years, then you should strongly consider the resale value which you will likely get. Generally, hatchbacks offer better resale value. Resale value of popular cars in this category like Mazda3, Volkswagen Golf, and Mini Cooper will get you nearly 56% of their original value after 3 years. On the other hand, sedans can get you only about 40% of their original value, should you plan to resell them.  Hence, a hatchback should be your preferred car if you want to sell them and get a better resale value.