Health Update On Big WWE Star


Last week on Monday Night Raw, Enzo Amore was scheduled to defend his Cruiserweight championship against Cedric Alexander. The high-flying babyface was supposed to challenge Amore after he won the number one contender’s spot. Many fans have called for him to get the title shot as he is probably the most popular and the biggest superstar on that 205 Live brand right now.

Finally, WWE pulled the trigger on Alexander, and we have him as the challenger, just like we wanted. But, because Enzo Amore got the flu, he wasn’t able to wrestle this past Monday Night against Alexander.

The company feared that he was going to affect other superstars in the locker room and told him to get fit first and take his time. WWE did the same thing with Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt when they had health problems. Those are two even bigger stars than Amore and WWE held them out of the pay per view event.


Holding off Enzo’s title defense was an easy decision to make for the company. Now, the reports are saying that Amore is well and that he will defend his belt on Monday Night Raw. They posted a teaser and a preview of the match on their official website.

This is likely going to be the Cruiserweight championship match at the Royal Rumble. Something to watch for is The Zo Train, a group that is led by Enzo Amore.

There is a good chance that they are going to cause Enzo Amore to retain the belt on Raw, but they will also be the reason why this match is booked for the Royal Rumble as well. Will Cedric actually dethrone Amore by the end of January?