Cena Added As A Special Guest To Big WWE Event

Source: twfnews.com

One of the things that are still a big mystery going into this Wrestlemania season is what John Cena is going to be doing at the grandest stage of them all. We do know that he is still probably one of the top 3 biggest draws for the company, and in many fans’ opinion, he is still the top guy. As of right now, we still have no clue who John Cena’s opponent is going to be.

Until it is very clear that Undertaker is not going to wrestle anymore, there are always going to be rumors about the Sixteen-Time World Champion taking on the Dead Man. That is a dream match that never happened at Wrestlemania. It is a bit strange to think that The Phenom has never battled the biggest star in the WWE over the past fifteen years on a show that is his signature event.

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Before the end of the Wrestlemania season, we are going to hear a lot of rumors. The first step to us finding out who Cena is going to face during Mania season might reveal itself during the Royal Rumble as Cena is going to wrestle in the Rumble match itself for the first time in five years. The last time he was in it? He won the clash.

Now, it has been confirmed that he is going to be a Special Guest for the Smackdown Live go-home show for Wrestlemania 34. We don’t know why he is going to be on SD Live. It may be just because he can’t be at Raw, so he is there to hype up Mania on Smackdown Live. Maybe he is going to be involved with somebody on Smackdown. Or, perhaps this is a clue that his opponent and feud is a member of the Monday Night Raw roster.