Are Heated Car Seats Good for Your Back – 2024 Guide


The automotive industry has improved a lot since the invention of the first vehicle, and cars got more and more useful accessories during that time specially designed to make riding them much more pleasant. The cooling and heating system is something that we cannot imagine the long ride without; vehicles become much safer, and the seats much more comfortable, but there are still some issues that every driver faces. Namely, no matter how comfortable the seat is, it is almost sure that we will experience back pain after a long ride, and finding a solution for it is something we all crave for.

The cause of back pain

Back pain is an unpleasant feeling and can make us struggle with our everyday activities, especially if it is not treated well. The problem with it is that many things can cause it, from a bad sleeping position to some medical condition, which is a question for specialists, but there are some things we can try to reduce and prevent it. It can become even worse during long rides because of sitting in the same position for a long time, so every driver needs to take some precautionary measures to make the journey much more pleasant and less painful.

What are heated seats?


Well, it is a question that is not difficult to answer, like the one about the causes of back pain. Heated seats use a simple heating coil to warm up our back once we decide it is cold enough and time to turn them on. Of course, the heating coil is under the coat, so it is invisible and safe to use, so there is no need to worry about it. The heater will not turn on automatically when we turn the car on, and we do not need to be afraid that it will be too hot during the summer since there is a simple button that can turn them on and off every time we want.

Are they safe?

As we have already mentioned, the heating coil is hidden under the coat, so there is no need to worry about safety. Besides that, most heated car seats have built-in thermostats, and once we set a temperature, the heater will turn off automatically when it reaches the desired warmth. However, we need to be careful with heated car seats without the thermostats and turn them off manually once they become too hot, or they can even cause burns. The great thing with them is that they can be turned off and on individually, so if you are a person who likes to feel warm all the time, but your passengers prefer colder seats, you can turn on only your heater and enjoy, without making the ride unpleasant to them.

Are they draining the battery?


One of the biggest concerns of every driver who considers installing heated seats is whether they will drain the car battery in a short time, so they cannot turn their vehicle on. They use the electricity from the battery to warm up, but it is not a huge amount, so there is no need to worry about it, especially if the vehicle is on. Of course, if the battery is not operating well, and the vehicle is not turned on, but seat heaters one, it can lead to a drained battery, but it is something that even the car lights can do, so it is not a reason not to install them.

Heated seat covers

Many cars already have built-in heaters in their seats, and all we need to do is turn them on once we feel cold or want to feel extra comfort during the long and strenuous ride. But what about drivers who drive the cars without them and still want the opportunity to enjoy their ride? Luckily, there is a simple solution since today it is possible to buy heated seat covers for almost every vehicle, so even the old-timers drivers do not need to sacrifice the comfortable ride because of the good-looking vehicle. If you are one of them or simply want to add more comfort to your car, but do not know where to look, visit here and find the best solution.

They provide more comfort

Choosing a heated car seat is the best option for people who experience back pain but also for those who want to prevent it and enjoy every ride, no matter how long it should be. Besides the fact they warm up our back, improve the circulation and relax our muscles, these covers add up to the comfort of the seats and make them much more pleasant. Also, turning them on will help you warm up the inside of the car much faster than it would warm without them.

Various designs


Another great thing with these covers is that they come in different designs and can easily fit into every vehicle. These made of leather are one of the most popular choices as they add up to the elegant look of the car, and people simply love them, but there are also those who are not so excited about having leather in their car. Of course, there is a solution for them too, as they can choose among various covers made of cloth and choose the design that will enhance the look of their car the most.

How to prevent and reduce back pain

Having a comfortable and warm seat (especially during the cold winter rides) is one of the ways to reduce or even prevent back pain and help our back remain healthy, but there is much more we can do. It is crucial to make pauses and stretch up every hour or two, which is also beneficial for our legs and entire body. The seat should be in the position which is most comfortable for the driver, moved forward at the right angle, and if necessary, the lumbar support in the form of a cushion or even rolled towel can be a lifesaver.