Would A Heel Turn Be Good For John Cena And Roman Reigns?


Most of the WWE fans have wanted John Cena to turn heel for years. They have been calling him out and the way he has been booked as he portrayed the same character for more than a decade. The same can be said for Roman Reigns as the company is doing the same thing with this guy again. The switch from Cena to Reigns as the top guy has been already made and WWE is still trying to get Reigns over with the fans.


It seems that they will never give up on that. On the other hand, it looks like he will never get over with the fans as a true babyface. WWE Universe will always find a reason to dislike him. That’s when the company needs to strike with his heel turn. Reigns has all the makings of that cocky character that tells you right to your face that he is better than you. Put him in a suit, give him some shades, and he is going to be the biggest heel in the company.

As far as Cena goes, the ship is sailed on him. Turning him heel is not going to do anything for him as he is not an active performer. A lot of kids still look up to him while the internet fans appreciate what he is doing for the newer talent.


In the past, he was winning every match in the same manner. Now, he is used as a draw and to put over other guys. Everybody appreciates that and likes his character since he makes everything feel more important. This 2015-2017 Cena is something that the fans are on board with so turning him heel won’t achieve much.