Here Is How You Can Be In A Movie With The Rock!

Dwayne The Rock Johnson is always one of the busiest people in Hollywood. His movies are always hyped up all over social media, they are coming out almost every couple of months, and most of them are pretty good. Because he makes a lot of movies, there is no doubt that he needs some help from others, especially extras.

He is now looking for two younger men to portray newspaper and flower vendors, as well as a man that is going to be a police officer in London. Guys that want to apply need to be aged between 18 and 60 and also Caucasian. Hair needs to be short, while the mustache is the only accepted facial hair for this role.

The scene is going to be done outdoors, so be prepared as it can get hot in the costume. There are going to be cooling stations for the actors, but still, those might not be enough.

You are going to earn 72 bucks for eight hours if you land this job, so that is pretty nice we would say. On top of that, you get more for every hour you stay longer than that. Decent pay with a chance to meet a star like Dwayne Johnson is something that you shouldn’t miss. If you don’t make it for this movie taping, you are probably going to have a chance to apply for some other projects since The Rock films almost all the time.

Right now he is working on a couple of projects, just like always. Meanwhile, he is still a gym warrior, never missing a day. A true workaholic and someone who doesn’t take what he’s got for granted.

There is no doubt that he deserves the success that he has been enjoying so far in his acting career.