Here Is What Nia Jax Told The Rock Before Becoming A Wrestler!


Nia Jax is one of a kind in the world of wrestling. She is a lot bigger than most of her opponents, but this woman is really athletic and can move well in the ring. There is no doubt that she plays a role of a dominant female well and that Nia deserves to be on the main roster.

Some promo improvements are going to come with the experience. When that happens, she is going to be a really good heel on the main roster. Now we know that Nia was the Women’s Champion on the red brand, but before she started wrestling, Jax didn’t believe in herself. Her size is her biggest insecurity, both in life and in wrestling.

Everybody knows this by know – Nia is related to the biggest Hollywood star and former WWE superstar Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Back in the day before she got a job with the largest wrestling company, she didn’t want anybody to know that The Rock is related to here. Here is what former WWE Women’s champion said to the Great One before trying out for the company.

“Please make sure that nobody knows we’re related.”

She then explained why that decision was made.

“I wanted to go in and have a fair shot. Every girl had makeup, hair done. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m not going to get signed.’ I thought for sure they’d laugh me out of the building.”

Everything turned out okay, and Nia is now on the WWE roster as well as on the Total Divas show that is airing on the E! television.

Jax has done well for herself and now is looking to create her own legacy, just like her cousin Dwayne The Rock Johnson did it back in the Attitude Era.