Here Is Why Tony Romo Should Keep His Starting Position When He Comes Back

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Fourth-round rookie Quarterback Dak Prescott had a pretty decent game yesterday as he went 25/45 for 227 yards with no picks. That was as well as you could hope for a rookie QB in his first NFL game. It for sure wasn’t his fault that the Cowboys lost.

If Terrence Williams had his head in the game and didn’t make that mind-blowing mistake by just simply running out of bounds to stop the clock, their kicker would have a shot to win the game for Dallas. He hasn’t done that and now the Cowboys are sitting at 0-1, right at the bottom of that NFC East division.

But when Tony Romo comes back in a couple of weeks, he should get his job back even with Dak playing well in his NFL debut. Why? Well, check this out. The Cowboys are 1 and 14 in the last 15 games when Tony Romo was not under center. They had struggled big time without their main man, since 2007 they have won only ten games and lost 24 games when Romo wasn’t on the field. Last year they went 1-11 without him. They need Tony Romo. They need him to play like Romo from 2014 in order for them to be serious Playoff contenders.

Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones is optimistic about the return of Tony Romo. He stated that Dallas’ signal-caller is upbeat and is working hard to get back on the field while saying that Romo will be back rather sooner than later.

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Dak Prescott is the future of this team there is no doubt about that, but Tony Romo is the present, and they need him back as soon as possible if they want to take a part in Super Bowl LI.