Tom Brady Posts Hilarious Picture After The Patriots Win In Arizona

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New England Patriots obviously like playing in Arizona as that is the place where they have captured their 4th Super Bown championship just over a year and a half ago. Tom Brady was under center in that game, but it was Jimmy Garoppolo who led the way this time for Bil Belichick’s squad.

Tom Brady is serving a 4-game suspension for his involvement in deflategate, but Patriots still managed to escape from Arizona with a narrow 23:21 victory. Also no Gronk. Also no problem. Jimmy was able to hook up with quite a few different receivers.

But still this is Tom Brady’s team, they for sure can not wait for him to come back as he will be on a mission to send Pats to yet another Super Bowl game and earn himself another ring. He is the leader off the field and on the field. When he is playing, he is fearless, serious and kind of a psycho at times, but in good kind of a way.

Off the field, though, he is actually a pretty funny guy as his fans can see him posting a lot of hilarious and funny pictures on his Facebook page. After Pats won last night he posted the following photo:

image source: Tom Brady facebook profile

If you are a Pats fan, you already know that this is the kind of stuff he always posts but if you are not, you can for sure appreciate his good spirits even though he was on the sideline and the Patriots earned themselves a big-time road win with a QB not named Tom Brady.