Here’s an app for all trivia game fans

Many of us enjoy a good trivia game every once in a while, especially when we play with friends. You get to show off your knowledge, have a good laugh, and learn something new. There have been numerous trivia board games that we’ve been playing with friends and family, but we’re in the year 2019 today. That means it’s time to go from board games to smartphones. This need of the public to play trivia games on the go, while we’re on the bus, waiting in line, or to simply have a trivia game that can fit in our pocket and bring it anywhere we go, was recognized. There are numerous trivia game apps for iOS and for Android that we enjoy every day.

Three of the major advantages of trivia game apps are their portability, accessibility, and the ability to play with anyone in the world. You aren’t limited just to your friends and family that can never synchronize their plans and get together, as you can now simply take your phone out of your pocket and start playing with someone from India, Australia, Europe, or any country in the world.

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One of the trivia games many are currently playing is Know It or Blow It for Android and iOS. It has 3.9 stars review on Google Play and 4.2 on Apple’s App Store. It’s on me to tell you a bit about how it works, and on you to decide whether you want to play it or not.
So, first, you get to choose a category that interests you. By answering the questions and winning games, you’re getting coins that you can use to compete in different cities in the world. There are three rounds, three categories and each category have 5 questions that go from easiest to most difficult. More difficult questions get you more coins. Also, you get a chance to double your score by betting on the Big Break question. The main reason why it’s so easy to get hooked up isn’t just the thrill of answering questions, but the fact that you’re getting a chance to win some real prices. From Sephora and Best Buy gift cards to Apple Watches and diamond bracelets. However, keep in mind that many gift cards can’t be exchanged for cash. In order to increase your chances of winning, you can use Boosters that can give you more time to think before answering, give you another chance to answer if you choose the wrong answer, or eliminate one wrong answer giving you a better chance of guessing.


I’ve been going through the reviews on Google Play and there are several things that were mentioned multiple times. First, the questions are unique and fun, the game is well constructed, and the fact that you can win prices is a great incentive to keep playing. However, it seems that sometimes the game can be slow and it freezes sometimes. Hopefully, that will be resolved with some of the next updates. All in all, it’s a fun way to spend your time and win some prizes!