Here’s How Ray Allen Will Be Remembered

The real three point king announced his retirement from the game of basketball today. Stephen Curry is a great shooter and will probably surpass Allen one day. But, as of right now, Ray Allen is the three point king and one of the best shooters that the world has ever seen.

He was a great scorer in his prime as he was bombing away from all over the floor as a member of the Sonics. Never really had a great team there, so he was shipped to Boston where he won his first title and gave the Celtics a good five years and great contribution.

After that, he went to the Heat made some big time clutch shots and saved his team in Game 6 with, what a lot of people consider to be the greatest shot. It was the one that saved the series for Miami. And the one that kept them alive and enabled them to win the ring in Game 7 later on.

He will be remembered as one of the best clutch players that ever stepped foot on an NBA hardwood. Ray will also be recognized as an ultimate professional, as one of the greatest shooters to ever play this game and as a guy that played many different roles on a couple of teams. Had no problem to switch from being a Superstar to a key player off the bench.

He is a two-time NBA Champion and three-point leader. After 19 years, he decided to hang it up. Well deserved retirement for a future Hall of Fame member.