Hilarious: Unusual object was thrown to the field during Patriots vs. Bills game


We were surprised. You will be too. Strangest of objects was thrown on the field during New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills football game. What was the intention of fan that threw it stays unclear!? To interrupt the game, to attract attention? We don’t know but if it was the later one they definitely succeeded. All across the world on all kind of stadiums, you can see most unusual of things, but this was unprecedented at least to us.

The match itself was more than interesting. With a lot of action, a lot of points with good quarterbacks on each side, this was almost guaranteed. Brady and Taylor did their jobs. This kind of match, between these two rivals, is expected to bring everything that football represents out on the plain sight. And they did not disappoint. Brady, the living legend of NFL, came out eventual winner. It was Patriots 41 – Bills 25.

Despite amazing football performance of both teams the game was marked by a certain fan.

Being great rivals in AFC East as they are there is always a lot of passion both on the field and on the stands. Fans of those two teams share no love between them.

The rules of fair play do not apply in love and war, and if fans of these teams consider this match a war that is fine but one of the Bills fans decided to cross the line of good taste. A lot of things can be expected from both sides. Loud cheering, insults towards your opponent, bad words and much other stuff but what happened this time can be described as “unorthodox”. We don’t know about you, but we have never witnessed anything like this. We are a decent web magazine, so we won’t define the “thing” that was thrown on the field, nor we will name it. See by yourself. The video speaks more than a thousand words.