Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Kansas City Chiefs – Week 9 Picks And Predictions


The season is all but done for the Jacksonville Jaguars. They are 2-5 in a weak division but still, Jags haven’t shown that they can play good football on a consistent basis. This squad was blown out in the first half by the Tennessee Titans. Yes, they did make a small run in the second half of that game. A little bit too late and they lost an important divisional contest.

Kansas City Chiefs are on a roll, and they are looking like a legit threat in the AFC. They are playing in a tough division since they have to battle with Raiders and Broncos who also have good records. Chiefs are more than capable of knocking those teams off and making it to the postseason.

Alex Smith was taken out of the game by the Colts as he suffered a concussion and was ruled out for the next round. They still had no problem closing out that duel in Indy.


Blake Bortles showed decent performance in Tennessee, but most of his damage came when this team was already down big in the second half. This man has regressed this season and is not to be trusted, especially not with the kind of defense that Chiefs do have.

It almost doesn’t matter who starts at quarterback for the Chiefs. This defense will eat up Bortles who just can’t get it together this year and neither can his receivers. Looking at the names their offense should have been much better from the start. Jags are playing at home, so we expect them to put up a decent fight, but in the end, it’s not going to be enough.

Bortles will throw it to the other team and Chiefs will know how to turn those turnovers into the points. Kansas City’s winning streak will continue after they beat Jacksonville 23:14 on the road.