Dwayne The Rock Johnson In “Escape From Calypso Island” Virtual Reality Video


Obviously, Dwayne Johnson doesn’t have much spare time and even when he does he is trying to do something new, some new project or at least post a video of what he plans to do. Latest in the line is the “Escape From Calypso Island” virtual reality video done for his Seven Bucks Digital Studios.

As the man in charge described himself, this is the proudest moment for his Seven Bucks company, and after looking this video, we can understand why is that. They have released epic virtual reality video in which you are in the driver’s seat going through a wild jungle on a huge adventure.

Virtual reality is the latest thing in video production, and we see more and more new videos posted on both youtube and social networks. With this move, The Rock is becoming one of the pioneers in the field, at least when it comes to actors and celebrities.

Just imagine, one day when we get VR movies, it will be crazy. You will not know in which direction to look. We are still far away from this feat but still it is great to see that entertainment world is striving to that.

In the post related to this video, Dwayne The Rock Johnson also added: “Thanks to our partners @Google, @YouTube, @studio71us and #TheBigPictureCompany. What a ride we created!” This is another clear proof that this is the future and it only a matter of time when this will completely take over.

If we consider that video lasts more than 8 minutes, it certainly required a lot of effort from the crew to plan and execute it perfectly as they did. For those that have older computers, we recommend not even to try 4k resolution, rest of you can fully enjoy the video in highest possible resolution. If you didn’t have a reason before this is the perfect one to upgrade your computer.