Highschool of The Dead Season 2 Release Date


A zombie apocalypse anime series that is highly popular within audience worth mentioning is certainly “Highschool of The Dead” whose first season in 2010 immediately won the hearts of the public. Its fans have been eager to watch its second season since then and are therefore waiting for MadHouse Studios to renew the series.

Namely, all of us are still hoping there is a chance that “Highschool of The Dead” will be renewed for another season, although it has been a long time since the previous one ended. There are even some reports stating it is likely to air in 2017. We may also say it is possible to happen if we consider the last episode, which clearly implies there will be a continuation since it ended with a note “The battle is not over yet.”

However, although everyone is craving for “Highschool of The Dead” Season 2, there is a strong reason for producers to delay its creation. According to Yibada, Japan still hasn’t recovered from the earthquake and tsunami it faced, and there is no room for this at the moment. Apart from that, Japanese authorities, being superstitious, might choose to change the original story.

Namely, there are several western companies who took the license of the anime series so as to air it there. Some of them are Anime Network VOD, Microsoft’s Zune Marketplace, Sentai Filmworks and Madman Entertainment in Australia. The last mentioned company might even purchase the rights for the show’s second season.


Unfortunately, high popularity of the anime series wasn’t the case in its home country. Japan, as well as other eastern countries, thinks of its content as too explicit. This is just another reason why Season 2 has been so much delayed.

Highschool of The Dead Season 2 Release Date

What is important is that nothing is officially confirmed yet, and we are hoping that we will be watching “Highschool of The Dead” Season 2 in 2017.