Hillarious Eli Manning Memes And GIFs By Cowboys Fans


As we already stated, the game between Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants wasn’t the best one for either of the teams, but one moment was used by America’s Team fans to rub salt into the wound of Giants. We need to agree that there were a few funny moments in this match and one of the best was the face of Eli Manning after God knows which sack.

After the first duel of the season, we could hear a lot of negative comments on both Dak Prescott and offensive coordinator Scott Linehan. The loss to the Carolina Panthers (16-8) might not be the big thing for the fans if they had seen any half-decent offensive actions from a young quarterback and offensive coordinator who was pretty much without an idea on how to attack the opponent.

On the other side, Week 2 opponent of Dallas franchise was New York Giants that also lost their first duel against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Giants were led by Eli Manning that was the target for more than one time by hungry for sacks Cowboys players. They managed to sack him a total of six times, and it was obvious that he didn’t feel pleasant on the field.

Good news for Cowboys is the fact that Linehan was a lot more imaginative in Week 2 and we saw Prescott, Zeke, and others performing far better. At the moment, Dallas shares the first position in NFC East with Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins with a 1-1 score and the Giants are at the bottom with 0-2. Let’s get back to some of the hilarious memes made by fans.