Seven Bucks Productions of Dwayne Johnson And Dany Garcia To Be Exec Producers On “Stuntman” Documentary

Stuntman is a documentary that will show highs and lows of one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry when it comes to stunts, Eddie Braun. Seven Bucks Productions, run by Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia will team up with Eddie Braun, Steven Golebiowski and Kurt Mattila from Driven Pictures.

This film will show the life of Eddie Braun, 55, who is preparing for the infamous Snake River Canyon rocket jump that was first attempted in 1974 by Evel Knievel who was a childhood idol of Braun. In this documentary, we will get a better insight into the career of Eddie that is present in the business for more than 30 years. He will talk about many terrifying situations where he somehow managed to escape death (car crashes, explosions, etc.).

One of the best stuntmen of today, Braun, decided to pursue his goal and to try and recreate the jump. He decided to use his life savings for this cause as there wasn’t much of support from the industry. One more thing that we need to mention here is the fact that he decided to team up the son of the man who created Evel’s steam-powered rocket. Scott Traux is the son of NASA rocket scientist, Robert Traux who built Skycycle X-2 rocket for this endeavor.

The main goal of this attempt to jump over the Snake River Canyon is to redeem the Truax family name and to honor one of the greatest daredevils ever, Evel Knievel.

Here is what Dwayne Johnson said about this project: “I’ve been lucky to work with some amazing stunt performers over the course of my career, the entire stunt community is the backbone of our business. Having the opportunity to showcase Eddie’s career and this often overlooked line of work is an honor for us.”

Dany Garcia also had only word’s of praise for the project and Eddie Braun describing his story as “a powerful experience that exposes the level of passion and fearlessness required by these invaluable stunt actors. We’re excited to partner with the Driven Pictures team. They deeply understand the nuance of storytelling that center on both redemption and surmounting obstacles. We all look forward to sharing such a powerful example of these themes through Eddie’s narrative.”

Steven Golebiowski said that: “Nobody creates such compelling and original IP on a global scale like Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia and Seven Bucks Productions. We are honored, humbled, and grateful to partner with their creative genius. Stuntman is a redemption story. At some point in time, every person in the world is confronted with their own canyon to cross. It’s how we deal with our obstacles that define our character. Some people let obstacles stop them, while others figure out a way over them. We are thrilled to get to share this inspirational story with the world guided by the brilliance and surgical precision of Seven Bucks.”

The documentary about Snake River Canyon jump will have its world premiere at the LA Film Festival that will be held in Arclight Culver City next Sunday.