How much does it cost to Hire a Locksmith?

Emergencies can happen so unexpectedly, and when they do, you might not always be prepared for them. Locked doors rank high above some of the most common emergencies that people have, especially in the middle of the night. It might be your car or your home, but for either, you will need to call someone who is both available 24hrs a day and very trustworthy. Luckily many different companies are now offering 24hr services for small or big emergencies. In cases like this, it is also best to have the number of a locksmith stored on your phone and to learn more about the services provided around you in the Colchester area.

What are the costs involved with calling a locksmith?

The cost of a locksmith service depends on the time of day that you decide to call them. If it is a 24 hours service, then the cost would increase after hours and for emergencies after midnight. There would then be three separate service fees for those times. The price could be up to £250, especially if you call them to come out and assist you in the middle of the night. There would also be the cost of all the extra things they need to bring along with them, like new locks, new door handles and new keys. You could also be paying additional costs for repairs if there was a struggle to open the door and the locksmith did some damage to it. If you require a brand new door, then the locksmith will be able to put up a barrier for you until he can replace the door itself. All of those costs are not included in the call-out fee, and it would serve you best to work with someone that you are familiar with, so ask friends and family for the number of a locksmith that they might have used where you get a reduced fee after a certain amount of hours. That way, if more work needs to be done than you were already quoted for, then you have less to worry about because the costs won’t be too high.

Door realignment


Architecture has taken a whole new shape, and standard doors are no longer the only doors being used. Swing doors have become very popular in mansions. It adds to the home’s aesthetics, but it could be a tricky task if locked without a key to reopening. Doors can be challenging because different companies use various materials to manufacture them. Other types of wood are used, and some entries are made of metal. When you hire a locksmith, you need to ask them if the door would make a difference to the work that needs to be done. If the door has metal rivets, it will require a lot of drilling. If the rivets were made from wood, they would need to be replaced with the same kind of pins. If the locksmith isn’t aware of the type of door you have, it could make the job much harder because he will be ill-equipped to assist you. You will need to specify if it is a sliding, swinging, exterior, or interior door. For a successful realignment, the toe and heel of the door will need to be readjusted on UPVC doors and wooden doors, the swing in the hinges would need to be adjusted. Just removing the hinges can create more costs in future. There are also other reasons to call the locksmith about your door other than being locked out.

The locksmith can also check if your door is dragging, not closing flushed, uneven or sprung. The door does not have to be unable to open for them to do so because, as they say, prevention is better than cure and repairing a door can save money for any future problems.

Automotive Services to look out for

Not all locksmiths are 24hr service providers, and not all of them are qualified electrical engineers. The importance of that will become relevant when you are locked out of your car. Using apt and registered workers to do this kind of work helps save you from unnecessary damage in the long run. Getting locked out of a newer model car requires ignition lock replacement and newly programmed keys that can only be done by someone who knows how to reprogram the transponders and the electronic chips in your keys. You will need to have the electronics of your car reprogrammed to match a new key so that you can start your car, put in petrol with ease and open other parts like the bonnet for the engine or boot. Some vehicles have buttons on the inside of the car that allows you to open your car’s front and back without the key, but you will still need entirely functioning access to get inside. This service could set you back £200 for a new key and again does not include the call out, and the labour cost. Those would be determined by the locksmith’s costs you can ask for when you book a service. If the service takes a much longer time than expected, ask about discounted hours for additional work. If the locksmith is making an effort to go to the car manufacturer on your behalf, make sure to ask for a quote upfront. You can order the key from your dealership, but you might have to wait if the key is being collected for a specific car model. A locksmith might be able to assist you much faster but at an increased cost. Remember all the information that you need to provide to the company when you call for their services so that they can give you an estimation of the rates. Learn more about all the fine details you need to provide to get the best prices from them and keep the number of people trusted handy to avoid any surprises when you have one of those unexpected emergencies.