Why is there more Sex at the Beginning of a Relationship?


Starting a relationship is usually easy if there is a mutual desire to be together at all times. It is a will that is sometimes never-ending and never seems to change, even if you know that this is not the case and things cool down over time, either because of personal experience or because you know that there are specific studies. Since love and sex move boundaries and overcome barriers in a person’s life, there are important things to keep in mind at the beginning of any sentimental relationship.


Meeting someone is always a mixture of feelings, that damn boner that makes everything seem too easy in bed. Newly acquainted, or maybe in love with being together at last, what matters is to spend each and every moment together having sex, be caring, loving, attentive, wild and full of novelties, knowing what the other can give the most special of feelings. In Skokka you can also discover how to spice up the beginning of your relationship. Those days of blind passion, of flowers and roses, of wine and fine dining or, who knows, of fasting days fuelled only by the mad desire to be with that certain someone who tests the heart of another. The stomach is anxious and restless, the butterflies in the belly really want to be free and are filled with the desire to squeeze the new partner like a cartoon little girl does with her pets.

As mentioned above, lovers blind themselves at the beginning. They lose sight of essential elements about the character and personality of the person they decide to put in their lives for at least the medium-long term. One never thinks at the beginning that it will break down soon. So, as is well known, women give up much more at the beginning and end up giving in to situations they do not want and often do not expect. But at this stage of the “blindness” nothing seems to worry them and they end up putting up with it, as the chemistry is totally out of control.

It is normal to have too much illusion at the beginning of a relationship, even more so if it is an overflowing passion and the chemistry that is put into play exceeds many of the expectations that may have been created.

It is already known that there is attraction, nervousness, continuous excitement, constant need to kiss and hug, and desire, lots of desire. The sexual appetite is insatiable and almost always uncontrollable. The mind even seems disturbed and apparently there are not many problems between them. Everything seems to fit together perfectly, perhaps because of the need for it to “fit”.


On the other hand, physiologically speaking, when we are with someone who satisfies our needs, either because of motivation, understanding and support, or because sex is the best thing in the galaxy, or because in the skin rolls something different, the organism asks more and more to experience that feeling of stimulation that is being generated in the encounters or conversations. That is why at first sex is completely insatiable. It is never enough and more is always needed.

It is not necessary to go into the details of studies or to try to go into depth to understand that every beginning of anything in life brings with it euphoria and a great desire to get to know what is new. And when it comes to someone starting to be part of someone else’s life, if those relationships are rewarding and give a sense of pleasure, the organism of someone who feels happy and fulfilled will ask again to experience the sense of satisfaction it generates. There even seems to be a reward system and the logic of this, if there is a logic for a person to be blind and give themselves so madly to someone, is that during sex arousal produces more hormones which are the same as when you do sport and when you eat chocolates. Said hormones are released and give a feeling of satisfaction and relaxation. That’s why we always want more and become slightly addicted.

It is normal to talk about sexual achievements when something is new, like when you have sex for the first time with that person you have recently met and are so attracted to. New relationships or affairs stimulate the routine between both of them, and end up being the centre of attention in the lives of those who get into this novelty. Among so many euphoric comments about this novelty, it is always clear that more sex seems to be all you need! Those who have already felt this desire know that at the beginning of everything the couple in question does not have a routine together, they continue with the desire to surprise and not to fall into the same favours that sex continues to be stimulated and is something primordial in almost all encounters.


For at least a few months there is no time for love. On the other hand, trust and a bond that shows affection and feelings begin to develop. Here begins that feeling of warmth and responsible love. The basis for the love of living together, which can prolong this relationship, begins.

This is where trying not to fall into a routine and to keep spicing up the romance comes in. Even more important than knowing why we have more sex at the beginning of a relationship, is knowing how to maintain as much as possible this connection and spicy atmosphere for much longer than just a few months. And maintaining a healthy routine like at the beginning of a relationship is basically essential. Try to explore some new sexual adventures, you may be surprised how many benefits it can have, and you won’t look back. For some, watching adult videos is a good starting step to break the taboo, and why not try the latest trend VR Porn over at BadoinkVR.com. This has been reported to be enjoyed by many couples. So try these tips and don’t fall into a dreadful sex slumber.

It’s always worth the hint to keep trying to maintain that desire, trying to be creative and not let the routine kill the desire and transform everything in the same way!