Here’s Why It’s So Important To Hire A Lawyer After A Uber Accident

An uber accident is a complex legal matter. The accidents involve multiple parties, the Uber company, the uber driver, any other driver involved, and you. While you may not be at fault as a passenger, fighting for compensation may still be challenging.

Insurance companies will always try to settle for the least amount possible, so you should hire an uber car accident lawyer before filing your claim. The lawyer will help you get the total damages and compensation you deserve. They will gather all the evidence to prove the party at fault for the uber accident.

Here’s more on why you should hire an Uber accident attorney:

Claiming With The Insurance company

After an accident, you have to determine who has which kind of insurance coverage. You also need to determine who should be involved in the claim. You may have filed several claims with different policies when multiple parties are involved. To avoid trial and error as you navigate this process, hiring an experienced uber accident lawyer is safer

When your car is hit by an uber or you get injured riding an uber, your lawyer will need to file a claim against the driver’s policy. If the Uber driver’s policy does not cover all the damages, you’d need to file against the corporate policy.

If your insurance claim is approved, you should receive your check in a week or so. However, should the claim be denied, your uber accident attorney will file an appeal. A claim may be rejected for any of the following reasons:

  • The policy lapsed due to non-payment
  • The driver’s policy wasn’t valid
  • The driver was not listed on the insurance policy
  • The company believes you were at fault
  • The insurance did not find your injuries legitimate
  • You’ve had a history of filling accident claims

Filing A Suit


If the driver’s insurance company denies your claim, all is not lost when you have an uber accident lawyer. They will file a suit on your behalf and prove that the uber driver was at fault. They will demonstrate the negligence of the driver by establishing the following:

  • The Uber driver’s duty of care: All drivers are responsible for upholding traffic rules. In uber accidents, the drivers are obliged to keep their passengers safe.
  • The driver breached this duty. If the uber driver violated traffic laws or was not careful enough, they breached their duty to care for you.
  • That you were injured: The car crash is not enough to file for compensation. Your Uber accident lawyer will show that you got injured.
  • That the injuries emanated from the accident: Your lawyer will prove that the injuries resulted from the accident.

Even while you may be in a position to briefly show the above, insurance companies will still be trying to give you the lowest compensation policy. An attorney will show how the injuries have impacted your quality of life in all aspects and get you the compensation you deserve.

Determine The Value Of Your Compensation

You may unintentionally leave some money without an uber accident attorney when settling. Your lawyer will consider the following:

  • Medical expenses, including transport to the treatments, treatments, therapy among others
  • Future costs and further medical treatment
  • Income lost due to injuries
  • Compensation for the pain and suffering and the loss of enjoyment of life

Proving intangible losses like proving pain and suffering and their impact on your quality of life may be a challenge, especially when placing a price on it. An experienced attorney has encountered multiple similar cases and will know exactly how to quantify intangible losses.

Protecting Your Interests

In any settlement, the insurance companies are protecting their own interest and won’t have you in mind. They focus more on minimizing costs and quickly shutting down the claim process.

You may even find the insurance adjusters asking you seemingly harmless questions. In reality, they are urging you to say or agree to something that could impact your claim. Other times, when the party at fault is obvious, the insurance company may pressure you to accept a quick settlement offer.

While the amount offered may seem substantial, always speak to an Uber accident attorney to calculate your tangible and intangible losses.

What Took For In An Uber Accident Attorney


To get the benefits of having representation, it’s essential that the attorney you pick displays the following qualities.


The last thing you need when recovering from injuries is to be moved into having a false sense of security. From the moment you contact your Uber accident lawyer, start with serious questions about your case’s validity. Ask for figures regarding the compensation.

How they answer should help you determine if you have the right lawyer. Having an honest attorney telling you you may have a shot is better, but it will be lengthy or complex. Rather than one that leads you on purposefully, only to get a fraction of the damages.


There are a lot of entities that will be out to perforate your claim to lower the value or even prevent your compensation. You want to work with a resourceful attorney that informs you on how to protect yourself from the get-go.

When working with a resourceful attorney, you should feel the weight of the claim lifted off your shoulders.


The legal field is vast and different attorneys have different areas of specialization. The best Uber accident lawyer will have the prerequisite experience to compensate you. Inquire about how many auto accident clients they have represented before and the amount of compensation recovered.

Seek Legal Representation For Your Uber Accident Claim

uber accident claim

After an accident, the claiming process can be taxing, even worse when recovering from injury. Seek the legal representation of an auto accident attorney and allow yourself to heal as your compensation is sought. Call an attorney as soon as possible to prevent implicating yourself in any interviews with insurance adjusters. Do not make any claims or statements or admit to any fault without the counsel of your attorney.