8 Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer


Traffic accidents happen relatively often, and it is important to know how to act in that situation. All motor vehicles are compulsorily insured so that the damage caused can be compensated by the insurance. Immediately after the accident, you should call the police, who will conduct an investigation and thus provide evidence. With less damage, and when there are no injured people, you can also fill out a report on the accident, but it is always better to call the police because in practice it happens that the other participant first admits guilt for the accident so as not to call the police. later change your statement and thus prevent you from charging damages.

After the police make an investigation, it is necessary to report the damage to the insurance. Damage from a traffic accident can be material (damage to the vehicle, damage to objects in the vehicle, damage to objects and objects outside the vehicle, damage due to lost earnings, etc.) and non-material (damage due to fear, physical pain due to injuries, mental pain due to disability, mental pain due to the death of a close person paid to the family of the deceased, etc.).


You should know that insurance companies in most cases pay fewer damages compared to the fees awarded by the courts. The Embry Law Firm advice you to contact a lawyer in advance upon a recommendation, in order to be entitled to full compensation for the damage that belongs to you by law. For example, insurance companies always refuse to pay compensation for fear suffered if a person has not suffered physical injuries, while the court regularly awards such compensation. Also, damages to vehicles, lost earnings, and even damages for suffered physical pain, mental pain, etc., insurance companies in most cases pay in a reduced amount, according to their calculations. You should always check with a lawyer who deals with this type of case, which is the amount of the total compensation to which you are entitled so that you do not remain damaged in a certain part.

Rare are those who have had a car accident more than once, so they know how to behave in that situation, and there are even fewer who have a lawyer, and for this, you will need. How? to choose a lawyer, what questions to ask him?

Have you worked on similar cases before?

It is always a plus if the lawyer has managed to work on a case similar to yours. Immigration cases can vary significantly and experience with your particular situation can make all the difference.


What will you do now and what will you follow?

Try to get a mental picture of the road ahead. Imagine how complicated or difficult the case is. Take the opportunity in advance to find out how good and aggressive your potential lawyer is.

What are my chances for a positive outcome?

An experienced, reputable lawyer will have a good idea of ​​what the future holds and will not make promises that cannot be kept. Be careful if you hear something that sounds too good to be true. It could be.

What can I do to improve my chances of success?

Try to be a working partner in your own goal. Get your lawyer the documents or information she requests as soon as possible. Make sure you are upcoming and that the information you have given about yourself is accurate and complete. Get involved and learn legal terminology. -To find the best car accident lawyers for your case, click here!

Can you give me an estimate of how long my case will be resolved?

It is always difficult to find a precise schedule when dealing with the government, especially when it comes to immigration issues. But an experienced lawyer can give you at least a rough estimate of what the planned schedule will look like. You can also check the status of the case directly with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Who will work on my case but you?

Support staff can be critical. Ask about any paralegals, investigators, researchers, or even secretaries who will help your lawyer. It is good to know their names and understand their roles. If there are problems with languages ​​or translations, find out who could speak your language in the office.

How will we communicate with each other?

Find out if a lawyer wants to talk on the phone or communicate via email, text messaging, or overnight. Many lawyers still rely on traditional postal services (snail mail) to do much of the work. If that doesn’t suit you, make other arrangements or hire someone else. Do not leave the office or turn off the phone without getting all the contact information you will need. If you are abroad, you need to think about time differences when calling or texting.


What are your rate and your best estimate of the total price?

Ask what kind of payment the lawyer pays (are credit cards OK?) And when will you be billed. Ask about fee allocation and see if there are ways to minimize costs. Find out if there are additional costs that may be incurred. In some cases, the price of representation is fixed. The lawyer may charge for a service for which you have not signed a special contract because there is an official price list for the services. To avoid these doubts, be sure to agree on a price before the consultation and ask that all the details of the agreement be included in the agency agreement. How much to pay depends in many cases on the amount that is the subject of the dispute or contract. The higher the amount, the higher the cost of representation.

Final thoughts

The causes of traffic accidents are various, and the most common are fatigue and exhaustion, non-compliance with traffic rules, stress and upset, technical malfunction of vehicles, bad weather conditions, traffic jams, speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, and many others. Whether you are a participant in a traffic accident through your fault or not, you are obliged to tell your lawyer everything, because only then will he be able to fight for a verdict in your favor.