‘Hitman Agent 47’ Release Date, News & Update: Season 1 with all 7 episodes included

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For the very first month of the new year, Square Enix has prepared a special gift for the fans as it will bring to light the new episodic video game ”Hitman Agent 47”. The upcoming game will be published with all seven episodes included.

Players will be able to carry out the contracted missions in each of those episodes. What makes the game so exceptional is the fact that it allows full scope for players to be creative while preparing the assassinations. This also refers to the outfit the player chooses because they can also wear the clothes of other characters as a camouflage for instance. Each episode gives you the opportunity to vary on your methods of assassination.

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The game will also offer a wide range of different locations, which will make it even more engaging. These areas will be spread around the whole world not only to one specific country or a continent. The only drawback of this feature is the fact that, no matter which part of the planet they go to, the American accent is stuck to them. For this reason, the gamers can’t feel the thrill to its maximum.

Elusive Targets are the targets that do not return in case that the players fail to carry out the assassination of the target or if the target escapes. These time-limited missions can also bring about many rewards if conducted successfully. Despite some minor shortcomings that the game has, this complete season is still said to be one of the best to come.

The First Season will be released on 31 January 2017 with all episodes included. Stay tuned for further news.