Iconic Hollywood Celebrities Who Have Their Bobbleheads


Bobbleheads, also known by the terms nodders or even wobblers, have become quite the rage in today’s day and age. They are commonly seen as dolls that are small in size and they are very fun to play with as the head shakes from side to side when you move them.

Now, you might wonder why celebrity bobbleheads are so popular? Well, we will start with the obvious reason that the fans feel a unique connection with the people that they admire and to have their miniature version of it. And we can state the second reason as to why the products are so convenient because they can play them anywhere that they would like to such as an office desk or even a cabinet or even the dashboards of your car.

There are so many bobbleheads of celebrities – like the ironman modern bobblehead that you can find online, which can either be treasured as a collectible or traded for extra cash. But no matter what you do, you’re sure going to enjoy keeping these bobbleheads. You can even go the extra mile and have your bobbleheads customized to your liking. Sites like Modern Bobbleheads help you exactly with that. But if you’re into collecting celebrity bobbleheads for whatever reason it may be, check out the list below where we highlight some of the most iconic bobblehead figures to have ever landed the market.

Johnny Depp


Performing table actor whose character gets sport to read in the most amazing movies. Johnny Depp had made a name for himself throughout the movie industry. We could say that he started with his biggest hit which was a nightmare on The elm Street in 1984 and 21 jump Street in 1987 .after acting in search movies people might say that he has accomplished enough but he went for the more to craft his acting skills in the role of Edward Scissorhands which puts his career for ahead and made him known throughout the world for the men with different faces.

Dwayne “The Rock “Johnson


As everyone knows that Queen Johnson started making a name for himself with the help of the wrestling world. He was introduced in this field as the rock on WWE SmackDown not only that but he also won his fight against a famous wrestler named Steve Austin to go on winning the WWE heavyweight title. after that, he got to focus more on his acting and landed with several roles especially in the genre of comedy, and won the hearts of every viewer that has watched his film worldwide. So that is more than enough reason for his bobblehead to be sold in such a large quantity and to be liked most among the collectors.

Angelina Jolie


Growing up everyone had a crush on Angelina Jolie. And over the years this crush turned out into a more liking and respect for everyone towards her as she took on many dangerous characters such as tomb raider Lara croft or salt. But what impresses each and everyone was here in the Disney movie maleficent, which put everyone’s jaw down to the core. She further went ahead to shed light upon the character of Maleficent which provided the viewers with a more subtle view of her life and personality as she nailed the role.

Emma Watson


Almost everyone has voiced all the movies from the Harry Potter series. Emma Watson is still known for the character that she played Hermione Granger as one of the famous trios. Most of the fans identify her money because of her loyalty and the character that she pleads had portrayed a strong will. The character always showed how to stand up for themselves and their friends. Most of the bobbleheads that are made from the Harry Potter series are of Hermione and they are sold the most.

Brad Pitt


When you hear the name Brad Pitt you always know who has the best looks and the best acting skills in Hollywood. We can say this because Brad Pitt had already shown his skills when he started out acting in an interview with the vampire alongside another famous actor Tom cruise. He didn’t stop there as he continued to make out such a name for himself when he became the sexiest man alive during the year 1995 and in 2008 as well. He then later went on to play in movies such as Ocean’s 11 Mr. and Mrs. Smith, fight club, and even movies such as Troy. but the most sold version of his bobblehead is from the movie fight club in which he portrays the character, Tyler Durden.

Heath Ledger

Even though Heath Ledger lived a short life and his time in the spotlight was very low compared to any other actor, The legacy that he left behind by playing the character of the Joker in the movie The Dark Knight has lived until this day. He prepared for the role in the most dedicated way possible as he locked himself up into a hotel room for more than 6 weeks.

He provided the viewers with such a performance that he left a mark on every one of them and still up to this day his fan base keeps growing. He provided the character with such uniqueness and understanding that all the fans can relate to him. That’s why his bobblehead could be sold with the Ease, as the bobblehead is not only fun to play with but also provides an admiration.



As we all know, the character Tony Stark has gone away to a land of no return, and every fan’s heart has been left broken into innumerable pieces. so everyone would like to keep their love and affection for him. Iron Man avengers bobblehead. We can say that the cosmic gems which get melted into his gauntlet as Tony stark snapped his fingers reducing Thanos to dust. This will be a treat and as a remembrance for all the marvel fans out there and especially those fans who love Ironman. to put it all together you will never regret purchasing a bobblehead of Iron Man. Robert Downey Junior, the man who portrayed the character of Ironman did it in such a way of perfection that everyone loved his attitude. There is no reason for you to stop here and move ahead to purchase this bobblehead.