Home Decor Color Trends for 2024


From time to time you can get an urge to change and spice things up in your home. Redecorating can be stressful, time and money consuming. If you would like to refresh your home, a good place to start is to add a little color to your life and home. As Pantone has chosen the color of the year, you are probably wondering how you can incorporate popular color trends into your existing furniture. There are so many colors to choose from, from cool blue tones to warm yellows, in order to make your choice easier we present you with color trends for this year.

1. Pastel


Pastel tones are so easy to incorporate into the home and can give your living space a sophisticated look. For this season, pastel tones that fall onto the warm side of the palette will be popular. In addition to popularity, going pastel will refresh your home, and it is a sort of a safe choice since it does not stick out too much and yet gives this warm tint. You can be sure that no matter which warm pastel colors you choose from the color wheel, you will not regret it.

2. Monochrome

Most people portray monochrome as very dull and well, boring. This is not necessarily true. Bright and bold hues of blue, green and marron can spice up your living space and give it an incredible breath of life. Cobalt blue is, for example, a very bold choice, but if you like it, you can for sure make it work. Try with small pieces, such as pillows and covers and move up to the walls if this color choice is up to your alley.

3. Teal

This one comes in a lot of different shades, and the trends state that the dustier the better. This one is again the safe bet when it comes to color choice, but, one of the true perks of this one is that it can be combined perfectly with a huge range of colors. It will give a certain depth to the place. It is well combined with hues of orange and wood that have an orange tint. Very pale wooden objects will work great with this one.

4. Dark pastels


From light to dark pastel is always a good choice. Dark pastel green can be an amazing way to open up your sunny living room and bring some life into it. The colors on this side of a palette are also labeled as moody, and they do provoke a specific feeling when looking at them. Dark blue hues can make space feel more cold and sophisticated, and it pairs up perfectly with metal details.

5. Organic

Organic is taking over all spheres of life, it started with food but it has spread to all spheres of life. It was only a matter of time when organic fabrics and color tones will enter our homes. If we think about the fires in Australia, and other climate struggles it is very important to think about our planet. So why not start from your home and move towards natural hues and fabrics.

6. B&W

This is a classic combination, a mixture of black and white will for some perhaps be a bit on the boring side, so why not spice it up with cool, black and white art pieces. In only black and white space, it can be a bit sterile and not inviting. But, a good canvas with some amazing art can do wonders. ElephantStock gives a lot of different ideas and choices for your b&w home.

7. Cool tones

If you prefer cool tones compared to warm ones than this trend will satisfy your needs. No matter if you choose blue, green or steel gray, or all three, these cool shades will incorporate into every home lifting the place up to new heights. These combine nicely with both warm and cool kinds of wood, and as well different metals can be used to enrich the space. Blue works great with copper and green matches perfectly with gold. White pieces of furniture will fit perfectly with blue.

8. Shades of warm browns


All shades of brown in combination are an option. If you are more fond of warm tones, then be free to pick the ones from the warm brown palette. One of the most popular combos is pale furniture combined with rusty brown walls. Natural wood colors and materials are very welcome. In addition to the browns, you can add up some details that are on the earthy side, so green and yellow will do the trick.

9. Metals

We have already mentioned that metal details are very welcomed in your space. Dark blues are mostly combined with gold and bronze since the coolness of blue complements perfectly the warmth of these metals. Green can also be mixed with these two. In addition, silver details can be used, but pay attention since all cold colors can give a sensation of a cold home. Metals are very welcomed in the kitchen, especially when combined with green or blue kitchen furniture. It will give this part of a house a completely different vibe.

10. Vibrant colors


Sometimes, you just need a color that will make a statement. It is a good way to spice up the home and add a little fun into it. By adding pieces that are vibrant and have a statement your home will take on a new feeling and be more playful and inviting. This can be a patterned pillowcase, a vase or a lamp. Whatever you choose, it will be a breath of fresh air in your living space.


Hopefully, these have given you an idea in which direction to go when choosing decorations and color palette for your home. For sure, you have some pieces of furniture that you want to incorporate into the new look, so take that color wheel and spin it bravely. There are a lot of choices and we are sure you will pick the one you will love.