Why Students Hate Writing Critical Analysis Essays


During our education process, we have to write essays all the time, according to the age and skills that are appropriate for the school level of the students. With that, we are improving our writing skills and talents, but also, we are motivated to read more, watch movies, or listen to some new album, so we can give that critical analysis that is demanded. But, still, some students really hate it. Some of them find it boring, others don’t have a talent for writing, and some of them really dislike the topic, so they aren’t motivated enough to do that.


For those who can easily express themselves, there is no problem to write the essay, but others can have some issues, including the pressure that is slowing them down, or they don’t find the topic relevant for their knowledge and interest. But, we have to know that written communication is everything, as we read a lot through the day, starting from the emails, to the chats with our friends and family. According to wr1ter.com, essay writing is an academic exercise for higher educational institutions, but also, we will say that the practice should start even in primary, so the teachers can motivate the kids to look for relevant information, analyze it, and improve their critical thinking starting in the earliest age.

The students should think about the topic, research it every possible aspect, but also include their opinion nicely, so they can give a different approach to solving the issue. Then, they have to turn it into nice words and sentences, which is really a matter of exceptional talents, and not everyone is able to do that.

Here a few reasons why so many students hate writing:

1. They are not interested in the topic

Surely there are topics that aren’t attractive enough, but the real skill is to turn even the weirdest one into a piece of art. Some of them can really do that, and those who read will even get more interested in it, trying to dig deep into the information available. That depends on the character and personality too, because when one person sees a topic that is not compatible with their interest, can get motivated to research and write, but the others can simply deny it, and can’t proceed to work on the theme, so they will look for help online, and pay for the service.

2. They can’t overcome the problem with a plagiarism


When someone needs to write, they can’t turn the information into their words, and often have issues with plagiarism. As you suppose, the teachers prefer and appreciate unique over the copied work, and you will get a better mark if you do it all by yourself. So, you can try the best you can, and give the most unique article or essay.

3. They don’t have a talent for that

We have a lot of different talents. Some of us love to sing, others can write, some others can learn a new foreign language in a few months. So, when someone simply dislikes writing, they will try to avoid it all the time. They shouldn’t be forced to write, but motivated, using the known tips and tricks for creative and essay writing. If you are a teacher, you can help your students love the writing, instead of hating it.

4. They think essays are irrelevant

In most cases, they have to research and write, so they can get a good mark at school or college. But, knowing the fact no one can read it outside the school is a little demotivating, and their work won’t be seen anywhere. Probably your paper will end up in a pile of other essays, and you will complete your education process with a nice mark. But, on the other hand, as you improve your writing, you are getting more chances to be spotted in the future, or even get a job as a content writer or journalist. Maybe you are the next bestselling author. Who knows?


5. The deadlines are putting a lot of pressure

No one wants to work under pressure, or with a tight deadline. That is very demanding, and the student should dedicate a lot, so they can fulfill the demands, the number of words, and listing the sources they used to write the essay. It takes a lot of time, and less talented students will need a few hours, or even days to complete it on time.

6. They hate word count limitations

In most cases, the teachers are giving word limits. But, the students hate when they are limited, no matter if the word count is too low or too high for them. Some of them have a talent to tell everything they have to tell in only 500 words, but for some others, even 2.500 are little for their talents and skills. Word limitations (or demands) can be frustrating for the students, and that’s why they hate doing that.

How to change the approach?

The teacher should give proper instructions to the students, so they can recognize the characteristics of critical thinking, and analyze the information you have. This is pretty different than ordinary essays because the critical approach means the student will have to read the book or watch the movie, check the important points, analyze them and write their opinion on the topic.

Is there any way to overcome the hate?

Sadly, when someone hates writing, that will probably last forever. No one can make someone like essays and critical thinking and analysis, and that’s why the teachers are those who should recognize the talents and unique skills. So we have one piece of advice for the students – you need to work a little bit more on your writing skills and to give your best on your essays. Also, there is one advice for the teachers – be more flexible with your students and bring them some more writing exercises so they can do their best on the next scheduled essays.