Homido V2 VR Headset is More Than A Cardboard

Homido V2 VR

Most of the Virtual Reality headsets out there are by well known companies, there are others, however, that might be competing soon. Homido isn’t really a well known company, however they’ve got a brand new VR headset, the V2.

Homido’s new headset is compatible with more phones and comes with some pretty decent features, such as having it’s own app hub for finding your favorite VR movies and games, and IPD adjustment settings, which is something that most VR headsets don’t even have.

Homido’s V2 headset will have a price tag of €69.99, which is around $80 USD and $100 CAD. Still a pretty big gap from the Google Cardboard for example, however, the french company promises to have a more premium quality design, and with extra comfort. The design also has better ventilation and can support large phones such as the iPhone 6.

Homido might not have the same quality as larger companies such as Samsung, however it does have the potential. “We’re the only company to focus more on mobile VR and nothing more, we’re specialists.” Says CEO Mathieu Parmentier.

Homido revealed their new accessories for the V2, and the accessories consist of a Bluetooth gamepad, a soon to come motion sensor, a 360° camera. Besides those accessories Homido has a handy feature, the camera plus app that allows you to take 1080p 30fps and convert it into a Youtube or Facebook format.

This would make Homido an introduction to VR photos and videos.

Not much is known about the motion sensor, however Homido showed a demo at MWC. The motion sensor supposedly allows the player to interact with games, such as boxing with your fists. The product might be delayed, however once it releases the V2 would be complete. In the meantime, the V2 can be purchased now, the rest will have to wait.